Tuesday Tidbits and Some Funnies

I have a few things on my mind, a couple minutes and -wouldn’t you know it? – there aren’t any easy list post link-ups today.  Oh wells.  I’ll throw in someecards to make it worth your while.   ONE: My laptop cast itself upon the hard cold tile floor when it heard about the WordPress App. […]

Like A Sore Thumb

This is the second post in a row that touches on exercise.  In case you’re worried this is going to become a fitness blog – HA! – I’m fairly confident that this fad will play out as all my previous attempts at fitness have gone.  Cue cycle: get annoyed with excess weight, begin exercise plan, […]

Philippines: Transportation and Accomodations

I have SO many photos from the last week that there is no way I can share them all.  The last week, however, was really special, so prepare yourself for a few photo-heavy posts this week.  And since I began this blog mostly as a way to journal our experiences here, and most of my […]

Mr. T, All the Time

Yesterday Jen made my week by sharing this post.  As per usual, it’s funny from start to finish, but what really made my day was the Mr. T tweet at the end. I had something else planned for today’s Quick Takes, but Mr. T is literally going to steal the show.  This brief video has […]

Bugger it all… I’ve got blogger’s block!

This is Part 3 in the Love Series.  In Part 1,  I talked about how people, not issues, are responsible for the “tearing apart” we see in America today.  In Part 2, I discussed why it is so important to put love ahead of politics.  Today I want to talk nuts n’ bolts. That is the beginning […]

Embarrassing Moment: Guest Post!

I don’t talk much about the U.S. military culture here in South Korea.  It’s just a weeeeee bit different than southern California, which is why I usually keep my public discussions on breastfeeding (and my other hippy ways) to a minimum. Toddlers, however, have a knack for bringing up the exact thing you did not […]

Vote for me!

The moment has arrived.  The blessed, long anticipated moment wherein I announce my nominations  for my Emmy Grammy GoldenGlobe People’sChoice Bloggy Sheenazing Awards!  (If I win, I get to post this ridiculously awesome graphic (below) on my sidebar.  Do you see how sad my sidebar is without that graphic?  Do you even CARE?)   I […]

Could I BE Any More Random?

If you read the title of this post (above) with a Ross-Gellar-from-Friends  emphasis then you and I are on the same page.  Welcome! I really have to apologize for the complete ridiculosity you are about to read. (Go away, Spell Check. I can make up words without your permission.  RIDICULOSITY!)  The reason for the apology is […]

Star Spangled Comedy

I am currently working on Homeschooling 2012, Part 2.  If you want to see Part 1, click here.We interrupt our regularly blogging for some late-breaking comedy. Gianna and Aliya have been learning the Star Spangled Banner.  All the excitement of the Olympics made them very excited to do so.  This video of them is so […]

Uppers and Downers: Parenting Through Jet Lag

Why, hello there! It sure has been awhile, hasn’t it? The last time we chatted, I was preparing for a big trip. I was excited and anxious. I was in Korea.  Now I am on my big vacation. I am relaxed and happy. I am in California. What a difference a couple weeks make, right? […]