Is Anybody Home?

May has been eerily quiet around this here blog. Not so around our house.  It’s interesting that chaos in our house has an inverse relationship with the number of blog posts I write.  I guess because I write all my posts after bedtime, so you get the very tired me.  Lately, that very-tired-me has been […]

Three Reasons

I couldn’t decide about the title of this post. It was either: Three Reasons Joseph’s Visit Rocked and his Departure Stunk or Three Reasons I am Totally Unmotivated to Write This Post After all was said and done, they both would have worked, but they’re both too darn long for my taste. Here goes nothin’. […]

Checklist: Eating our way through Daegu

Last week, before my brother Joseph arrived, Kevin and I met up with my other brother Luke and his wife Vanessa to plan some fun things to do on his vist. We planned the usual: Seomun Market, Woobang Tower Land, museums, shopping, a trip to Busan, etc. Somehow, our list included eating every evening meal […]

Finally, Snow We Can Use!

Last weekend we made a 3 hour car trip to Hyundai Sung Woo Resort.  Don’t ask me where it is.  I couldn’t find it on a map even if you paid me lots and lots of money.  Unless, of course, your map had a GPS locator like the one we used back in October to […]

Airplane Restaurant Update

My friend Kelsey got in touch with me via Facebook tonight.  She went to the airplane restaurant I wrote about a couple weeks ago.  Here is what she found: Time to sign these girls up with an agent!

Food Fables: Bi Bim Bap

I began planning this on-going series a couple months ago, but only now got up the gumption to begin it.  I hope to learn to cook some Korean foods and share them with you in the process.  In my head I was calling it the Kimchi Chronicles.  Turns out that is also the title of […]

Ten Things I Didn’t Know on my Last Birthday

Today is my birthday.  I am shameless about it.  Always have been, and I hope to always be.  I L-O-V-E my birthday. A little bit of that is because I am an attention addict and my birthday really feeds that, especially since FaceBook nets me tons of birthday love.  Hey, at least I’m honest about […]

Ice Skating, an Airplane, and a Surprise Cooking Class

Most days are like the days before and the days after.  They are predictable in a quiet, comforting way.  I’m mostly okay with that.  I don’t need a whole lot of hullabaloo on a regular basis.  (See, I even use geriatric words like “hullabaloo” in everyday speech.  Booooring.)  Today, a holiday to celebrate the life of the […]


The heat is on.  It’s been a week or more since I last posted and now I am getting Facebook and email comments about how long it’s been.  I’m so honored that you guys enjoy my humble little blog.  But  every once in awhile my perfectionism rears its ugly head, and I can’t seem to find […]

Happy Birthday, Gianna Maria!

Dear Gianna, 6 years ago, you were born in San Gabriel, CA.  You were 8 lbs of sweet, squishy love.  Now we live in Daegu, South Korea.  You are 6 years old and 45 lbs of boundless energy and enthusiasm.  You are still chock full of love.  I couldn’t be more proud to be your […]