Summer Desserts for Grown-Ups

Warning: I am neither a food blogger, a chef, nor a food photographer.  But I do really really like food, and I’ve stumbled upon some really delicious desserts in the past couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  The first, Espresso Floats, can be ready in just a few […]

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

Cari is hosting a Thanksgiving Recipe link-up at her fancy-schmancy new blog and I just wouldn’t be Micaela if I didn’t join in.  I mean, I’m a food-lover, a Thanksgiving-enjoyer, and I blog.  Need I give any more reasons?  I didn’t think so. So there’s a little story behind this one.  (Of course there is. […]

Coincidence? I think not…

  As a young wife, I began a love affair with Trader Joe.  He was a calm port in the storm of grocery store strikes, a haven for those in Southern California who didn’t want to cross picket lines.   But our love outlasted the union turmoil, and it grew as our family grew.  Organic […]

Easy-Peasy Slow Cooker Lasagna: Meatless Meals

Oh, my gosh you guys.  I am so terrible at fasting.  By late afternoon on a Friday during Lent you’d best not even look at me with crossed eyes.  I’m likely to poke you in them.  I’d be sorry, of course.  But not until after dinner. Therefore, preparing Friday dinner becomes the biggest penance of […]

Chicken Soup Recipe: You Can Thank Me Later

Oh, you think I’m cocky, do you?  Thinking my chicken soup is just all that and a bag of chips? I assure you: it is.  Minus the chips. Not only is this soup A) delicious, B) nutritious, C) easy to prepare, and D) economical, but E) it fits pretty much any modern non-vegetarian diet that […]

Korean Teas for Colds and Flu

It’s cold season, people! Most of us over here are healthy (knock, knock, knock), although Kevin has been struggling with tonsillitis for a week now.  Poor guy, it’s just not going away. Last year was a different story.  We were sick ALL winter.  For a family that didn’t go to the doctor much in the States, […]

Shabu Shabu

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of going out to dinner again with our Korean friends.  They took us to a restaurant called Shabu Paul’s.  Shabu Shabu is a style of food about which I know next to nothing except my own singular experience.  I fully expect lots of corrections in the comments […]

The Blog Post I Couldn’t Write

If you were happy with the U.S. presidential election results, I invite you to come back tomorrow to see the photographic exploits of our latest restaurant adventure, Shabu Shabu.   Yum. Ignore Gianna’s face.  She ate it all. If you, like me, were less than thrilled with the re-election of President Obama, I’d like to […]

Elixir of Life

Are you familiar with the Elixir of Life? No, it’s not ambrosia.  First of all, smartypants, ambrosia is the Nectar of the Gods.  Secondly, the only ambrosia I’ve ever encountered is fruit salad with marshmallows, and I’m sorry (especially to my in-laws, because I may just catch hell for this), but marshmallows in a fruit […]

Fitness, Pain, and a Virtual 5K

I don’t much like to talk about fitness stuff on my blog.  Mostly that’s because it is either, a) totally depressing to me, or (much less often) 2) feels like I am bragging.  (There was that one post in March where I mentioned I lost 2 lbs. by eating every single meal out at Korean […]