She’s a gold star baby…

When Gianna was a baby, she needed to be worn or nursed, or both, at all times.  I kid you not: that girl would wake up within 15 minutes of me laying her down, every. single. time.  When I found out I was pregnant with Aliya, I cried.  Not because I wasn’t happy, but because […]

When your husband loves you enough to do the little things…

Last weekend we cleaned out a good chunk of our garage.  Among the remnants of last summer’s move was a box of memorabilia, and in it was a CD.  A CD that I bought after I wore out my old Lunas Rotas cassette tape  (by an artist named Rosana).  I smiled and set it aside, remembering fondly […]

Five Favorites

My five favorites this week… ~1~ Gianna, getting fitted for her First Holy Communion dress by my mom (‘Oma’). ~2~ Aliya, who is the caretaker of the family.  Melt my heart, every single time. ~3~ Gabriel, who absolutely delights in nature, from the bugs in our yard to the anemones in the sea. ~4~ Ezekiel, […]

Wives, Love Your Husbands

Do you know this man? He’s my husband and my partner and the love of my life.  He’s the person who makes me laugh the loudest, on whose shoulder I cry the hardest, and with whom I tackle my Life Tasks, from the mundane to the unimaginably complicated, on an everyday basis.  I’ve had friends […]

Playful Parenting: Why and How in 7 Quick Takes

Whenever I write about parenting, I feel like I need to add a disclaimer: I am not a parenting expert.  I make mistakes every day, all day long.  If my kids appear well-behaved, it’s because either you caught them on a really good day, or you are crazy.  Take this advice with an ocean of […]

Enough about me. What about YOU?

I’ve got a few posts in the works.  Some are halfway done but need some editing before I post them.  Others are just thoughts floating around in my brain.  None are ready for viewing, but I didn’t want to wait another day to post because… I miss you. That’s right, I’m a weirdo.  Kevin asked […]

Playground Parenting

I heaved a sigh as I wandered through our ransacked house, arms full of an odd assortment of toys and trash.  No thieves, no earthquakes, no cabin fever.  Just kid-sized messes piled upon kid-sized messes in every single room and I knew.  Cleaning suddenly seemed to require monumental patience and effort on my part.  I dug […]

Objective Truths in Parenting: Surprise! There aren’t that many!

Dear Me-Three-Years-Ago, Hi, you crazy woman, you.  Life is pretty crazy with 4 kids 5 and under, isn’t it?  You’re busy being a mom and contemplating an international move.  (Nuts, I know.  Oh boy, do I know.)  With all you’ve got going on, one might think that you’d let go of your steadfast opinions on […]

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

Gianna, Happy 8th birthday!  You are a credit to us, as Anne of Green Gables would say.  Your heart is so big, and you approach things with such a zest and a passion for life and all it holds.  You have your father’s easy smile and quick laugh and your mother’s stubbornness.  What a combination! […]

This Girl is on Fire

It’s 10 p.m., Cali time.   Kevin and I just got back from a really wonderful weekend in New York while the kids stayed with my parents at their little ranch in central California.  I have so much to say and share, about seeing my longtime friend Sarah in NYC, about meeting my newish friend […]