A Simple Thing

Imagine peering through a magnifying glass at a small object, say, a leaf or a flower.  The impulse of the human condition when given such a powerful tool is to look closely, ever more closely at this item of beauty.  What are its fragments?  How do its parts work?  It is a heady thing, to […]

True North

One of my oldest and dearest friends (we’ll call him Lance for now) is an atheist.  Lance is one of my favorite people to debate because he is smart (like wicked smaht) and he rarely (never?) stoops to disrespect when we debate.  He doesn’t scoff at my faith in God (at least not to my […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 4

For more information on the Hows and Whys of this monthly link-up series, read the original instructions.  For inspiration, you can check out the April, May, and June editions. ~1~ The relationship between Judaism and Catholicism In college I flippantly told a Jewish friend that if I weren’t Catholic, I would be Jewish.  I realize […]

Femininity and the Secular World View

Are you familiar with this image?  It’s an interesting experiment to show this image to someone who has never seen it before.  The response is usually instantaneous.  One sees either a young or an old lady.   One has to bend his or her mind, usually with a little guidance from someone else, to see […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 2

You guys.  I was completely overwhelmed by the contributions to last month’s 3 Reasons post.  It was a beautiful outpouring of support for those of us who sometimes feel weakened in face of continuous attacks on Catholicism.  If this is your first time here, feel free to check out the previous posts, or skip to the […]

Consider Yourself Warned: Another 3 Reasons is in the mix!

This Friday, y’all!  It’ll be the first Friday of the month, and around these parts, that means ‘nother edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.   And depending on your personality, you can take this as a warning or an invitation: my post will contain some PG-13 material.  😉 Hope to see you back then! […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 1

Welcome to the first ever 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism link-up!  I’d love to hear what YOU love about Catholicism, either in a blog post, the comments section below, or on the California to Korea Facebook page.  For more info on the inspiration for this link-up, check out Calling All Catholic Bloggers! ~1~ The Crucifix Giotto […]

Humble Pie: Love, Part 3

This is Part 3 in the Love Series.  In Part 1,  I talked about how people (rather than issues) are responsible for the divisions we see in American politics today.  In Part 2, I discussed why it is so important to put Love first. So… hi there.  My writer’s block is cured, in case you were over […]

The Pope’s Shoes

A few weeks back, I suffered from a serious case of Conclave Fever.  One of the symptoms was impulse online shopping.  (Seems unlikely, I know.  But don’t judge me. Until you’ve experienced Conclave Fever, you truly can’t understand its debilitating side-effects.) Before all the February hoopla over the papal resignation and upcoming conclave, I had […]

The Issues Tearing Us Apart; Love, Part 1

What was going to be a short “epiphany” post has become an epic saga.  I’ve broken it down into 2, possibly 3 parts.  Be sure to check back next week for Part 2. ***************************************** In an email exchange a few weeks back, a friend of mine referred to “the issues that are tearing America apart.” […]