Just a regular Sunday…

Just a regular Sunday, you know. No big deal.   Just hanging with our new shepherd, Auxiliary Bishop-Elect Barron. Yes, I’m popping in to brag (hey, I live in Los Angeles, I have to take a brag where I can get it, right?) but also because I CAN’T BELIEVE I forgot to mention the Word on […]

The people NFP made {NFP Awareness Week}

It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, in case you weren’t… um, aware. Much has been written about it, in every corner of the Catholic blogosphere.  How it strengthens your marriage, how it’s better for your body and the environment than hormone-based birth control, how terrible and/or wonderful it is, hyper-fertility and sub-fertility, you name it.  Quite […]

The night sky

It’s a hot and dusty night on a balcony in Palm Springs. Kevin is putting the big kids to bed and I’m sipping chilled wine, the sides of the glass slippery with condensation. The baby monitor hums quietly beside me, but for how long, I’m not sure. In the distance are the mountains. I know they’re […]

11 reasons I remain a Catholic

For a year or so I hosted a link-up series called 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.  I let it go last year because, well, life.  But the other day I came across this post and it felt like time to do a reprise. Without further ado, my reasons for sticking with the Church through thick […]

Aliya’s First Holy Communion

No, Micaela, you did not just begin and subsequently abandon 3 (three!) different blog posts. Whatever.  This is SO much more important because: JESUS! Aliya received her First Holy Communion on Mothers Day weekend.  (Along with Kevin and Zeke’s birthdays, plus a tea party.  Whew!)   The dress: has a story, of course.  It was […]

Pain as a gift: The Husband guest posts

You know my post from yesterday?  Which I mentioned that I had been praying and thinking about it for a week?  I’d also been talking to Kevin (my husband) about it as well.  After he read the post last night he reminded me of the many things we had discussed over the course of the […]

Weep Not For Me

The other day my friend mentioned that Lent has been especially difficult for her this year.  Feelings of sadness and unworthiness at the thought of our Lord’s Passion have been wreaking havoc on her spiritual life.  “I sometimes feel grateful that my two year old is a terror in Mass,” she confessed.  “Stepping outside with him […]

Her heart was made for gratitude

Sometimes, life takes a Lent-ish turn.  You know, illnesses, struggles, stress, all happening at once? And sometimes, it even happens during Lent. Bonus. What follows is a smidgen of the Welcome to Lent Story that was my life last week. It’s not the whole story, and in fact, it’s still pretty darn penitential around here. […]

Lent in the Time of a Newborn…

I’m moonlighting over at Call Her Happy today, where Jenna has graciously allowed me to share some ideas on how moms with littles can make Lent a special time without losing our ever-loving minds. There’s a saying that gets batted around every Lent: Sometimes you choose a sacrifice for Lent, but sometimes God chooses it […]

Rosalie’s baptism in photos

Yesterday was Rosalie’s baptism. It was such a special day: my mom made the gown, my brother performed the baptism, both sets of grandparents were able to attend. There were setbacks, however. I woke up on Sunday with an upset stomach.  Boo.  We had decided to hold a “destination baptism” (if you consider Bakersfield, CA […]