Advent is coming! (squee!)

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve mentioned before that I love Advent right? Maybe once, or twice. Or thrice. Haha. So, yes, I do love it, and the proof is visible in my writing. I love the rich darkness of it, the candles, the quiet before the storm of Christmas. I’ve got to admit, even […]

St Joan of Arc Women’s Conference!

Update: for the link to register, click here. We’re baaaaack and better than ever! After a stellar St Catherine of Siena Conference last year, Kendra and I are teaming up again to bring Catholic women in southern California together for a day of prayer, inspiration, community, and delicious food! St Catherine truly interceded for us […]

Sign up for the StWoF conference here!

The official registration is closed. If you’d like to contact me about late registration, please email me at And please pray for our conference!

Setting the World on Fire: a Catholic Women’s Conference

Last year Kendra and I hosted a conference for local-ish Catholic women bloggers.  It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.  After Gus was born I began to think about hosting another one, but something kept pulling at me.  I finally realized that I wanted to give to *all* women the fortification […]

I’m not afraid of the crucifix anymore.

My eldest daughter Gianna, chubby cheeks and wispy hair, toddled up to me with her children’s Bible clutched in her grubby hands.  She was two and a half.  I pulled her considerable weight onto my lap while her baby sister Aliya dozed to sleep in my other arm.  She opened the Bible and the first […]

Pope Francis: 3 reasons to stop bashing him, and a list of things to do instead

The pope gave an interview on a plane yesterday.  I laughed as much as the next Catholic gal when this meme popped into my news feed: It’s funny because it’s true!  When Pope Francis speaks off-the-cuff with journalists, we get some interesting (okay, fine: confusing) headlines. Faithful Catholics everywhere scramble to figure out what exactly […]

Valentine Round-up: Catholic printables for all your last-minute needs

I bet a bunch of your kids have Valentine parties at school tomorrow.  Or maybe you want them to make you a Valentine, which is totally within your rights as a parent.  But possibly you’re a Last-Minute Lucy (like me) and now you cannot remember for the life of you where you saved those links. I’m here to […]

Catholic Valentine Cards: Free Printables!

Sneaking in a very rare second post today because you might be needing these soon. Our homeschool group is having our Valentines exchange this Friday so that kids who give up candy for Lent can still enjoy all the goodies.  Plus, it’ll give you something to binge on finish up on Fat Tuesday. Last year […]

Zelie & Co Charity Auction!

I may have mentioned one time or a thousand that Instagram is my most favorite social media.  It’s just so… pretty.  I can scroll through my Insta feed and feel happily inspired and rarely does it give me any stress whatsoever. (Ahem. I’m looking at you, Facebook and Twitter during election years.) Guess what I […]

If I could tell you one thing about my faith…

My faith is pretty obvious here on the blog.  When I started writing over 4 years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would be as Catholic as I wanted to be here, unapologetically. The reason being, I suppose, that I was always a little shy to share about my faith in other areas.  On social media, […]