Life with Boys

In case you missed last week’s 5 Favorites post, I’m pregnant.  Yippee!  So excited about that fact.  Now to get past random waves of nausea and the bone-deep exhaustion that cannot be satiated ever ever ever no matter how much I sleep.  Come on 2nd trimester.  You seriously cannot come quickly enough. At my first […]

Zeke-isms and two Gabe-isms

My little honey badger toddler is pretty dang funny these days. He’s always cracking us up and I thought I’d better share some things here before I forget them. We were at a marriage retreat this weekend called Life Giving Love. All the kids (and there were many!) were watched in the gym next door […]

Bodies: Theme Thursday

I think maybe C. Donaldson of the Clan Fame perhaps had my suggestions in mind when she chose this week’s theme.  After all, I think my responses to “ideas for upcoming Theme Thursday posts” were 92% body related.  Ne’ertheless, when I saw it, I just thought of Warm Bodies which is, if I’m not mistaken… a […]

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel! (Or: How to Raise a Boy Toddler?)

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!  2 years and 2 days ago, you came into the world at 10 lbs 1 oz, after taking your sweet time getting here.  Oh, you made me wait and wait as none of your siblings did.  And it was such a sweet thing to finally have you in my arms. Look at […]

Growing Boys: Theme Thursday

Taking a little break from my “All Philippines, All the Time” blogging to bring you (drum roll, please…) MORE photos!  (If you are a sucker for family photos in foreign locations, you can click to check out Philippines 1 and Philippines 2. Boys: Foolishly, when I had only daughters, I really believed boy/girlishness must surely […]

Embarrassing Moment: Guest Post!

I don’t talk much about the U.S. military culture here in South Korea.  It’s just a weeeeee bit different than southern California, which is why I usually keep my public discussions on breastfeeding (and my other hippy ways) to a minimum. Toddlers, however, have a knack for bringing up the exact thing you did not […]

Zeke’s Hair Update

I know Ezekiel’s hair drama (as told by Gabriel) must have left you sleepless, wondering if there would ever be a happy resolution. I’ve come to cure your insomnia. See, after Gabriel laughed at Zeke for being Bieber-ized, and my brother Luke resorted to calling him “Phillip”: as in Phillip Seymour Hoffman… I decided it […]

It’s Good to be Gabe

Seven Reasons it’s Good to be Gabe So, it’s my birthday today and my mom said I could help write the blog.  I don’t really know what a blog is.  All I know is my mom made me sit still for like 5 whole MINUTES, on my birthday no less, and answer some silly questions […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day! St. Rose of Lima St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. George… … and his dragon Lil Pumpkin (my niece Gemma) Roman emperor The whole gang My sister-in-law Vanessa, and nieces Gemma and Siena Girls with thier best friend Yu Min (Cindy) Trick-or-treating by street lamp Hand it over! My favorite […]

Seven Quick Takes: My ADD

My adult ADD is going full force these days.  Hence the reason I’ve not been able to compose the SQT I wanted to write, which was “Seven Sights on the Streets of Daegu”.  So far I have a whopping… one.  One out of seven is… progress, I guess you could say, but not nearly enough.  So […]