WWRW: The Real Boy by Anne Ursu

Usually I like reviewing several books for WWRW, but this week I’ve only got one. The Real Boy takes place on a magical island called Aletheia. (Not Aleteia.)   Master Caleb, the island’s charismatic head magician runs a successful magic shop. His young “hand” Oscar has an incredible memory for and understanding of plants, but […]

What We’re Reading: Books for Girls, and Couple for Boys

Wednesday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You are not Monday, with its post-weekend fatigue, Nor Tuesday, with all its activities, clubs, and leagues, Nor Thursday, with its stressful Budget Meeting, Nor Friday, which seems ever too fleeting.   Surely, Wednesday,  the weekend days are better, But you are my favorite […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday

Another edition of WWRW!  I love this link-up, hosted by Jessica.  It forces encourages me to read more and to share more about what I do find time to read. And it’s a great way to make it through Hump Day.   I don’t remember where I saw this book, and I really wish I […]

THE Book for Girls

I am dying to review this book for you: Dying, I tell you, but I still have about 20% left to read.  So it will have to wait one more week. Gah. In the meantime, let’s talk about this other book: I bought The Daring Book for Girls for my girls (as well as one of my goddaughters) […]

Advent/Christmas Books

I’m trying out the Amazon Affiliate program.  This means that if you click through these links below and buy these books or any others, I get a small portion of the price at no cost to you.  I figure since I  a) regularly recommend books, and b) spend a whole lotta dough on Amazon, this […]

Blog? What Blog?

Blog?  What blog?  Micaela?  Who’s that? This is the longest blog hiatus I’ve taken since our camping vacation this past summer.  So while I’m sure I have lots to say (when do I not have lots to say?) it’s all coming in fits and starts with no rhyme and very little reason.  Forgive me in advance. […]

Escape from Camp 14, WWRW

Hi friends!  Just popping in real quick for What We’re Reading Wednesday because: 1) I’m doing some batch cooking today!  Yes, I am totally nuts.  I have about 4 major meals I’m hoping to prepare today and freeze.  I’ve been wanting to do it for months, and I’m finally taking the plunge.  I’ll post results. […]

WWRW – The FAIL Edition

It’s another What We’re Reading Wednesday! …in Which I Fail to Become a Jane Austen Fan I have a feeling I’m going to get skewered here, or otherwise lose all my credit as a reader.  There’s no getting around it, though.  I did not love Northanger Abbey.   I didn’t hate the book, per se. […]

Disorganized Reading {WWRW}

I’m a very disorganized reader these days.  Are you even surprised?  No, I thought not.  Here’s what a typical reading day looked like for me over the past week:   Morning: Read The Word Among Us for daily scriptures and a reflection.  (10 minutes, if I’m lucky and I can keep the natives contented with […]

C.S. Lewis, Housekeeping, and the Book NFP Couples are Missing

Have you heard? It’s Read More Books Month!   Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis I began talking about Till We Have Faces this last week, but I finally finished it over the weekend, so I wanted to give a complete review this week.  This  is a retelling (reinvention) of the myth of Psyche and Cupid.  (I chose […]