Sacred Art Coloring Books: a review

You know what I did yesterday? I placed an Amazon order for the St. Nicholas Day books for the kids! It’s an annual tradition around here. Here are the selections from from 2 winters ago. Wait, what?  When did it become holiday shopping season already? Are you panicking?  Cause I might be panicking just a little bit. […]

Five Favorites, the podcasts and history books edition

Well how about that?  I wrote a post about going to bed earlier and promptly dropped off the face of the blogging world.  Surprise, surprise. Actually, I’ve quite enjoyed my early bedtime.  I’ve been nicer to the kids and everything!  I’ll let you know if I can keep it up, though.  I sure do miss hanging […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday: Read Alouds

I’m baaaaack!  The term is relative because, here today, gone tomorrow and all.  As of today, though, I finished up a couple extra-blog-ular projects.  The hope is that I’ll have a little more free evening-time to write.  Cause you know what?  It makes me craaaaanky when I don’t have time to jot down a few […]

Author interview and giveaway: Spiritual Growth Plan for your Choleric Child

Oh, y’all.  This blog has been so quiet lately.  I’ve missed you but I’m also relatively at peace with this stage of my life and motherhood.  Not much time to blog, and that’s okay.  I’ll get back to regular posting at some point, but in the meantime, I do what I can.  You’re okay with […]

Lenten Book Review {with a link-up}

Better late than never, right? Our Lenten reading for the Stella Maris Book Club was a “choose your own adventure” type of deal.  We each pulled a spiritual book off the shelf and (did our best to) read it during Lent.  Rather than have a Facebook discussion like we usually do (love them!), we’re just all […]

Ribbon Bookmark Craft: Kid-Made Christmas Gifts

Last night at midnight, as we were installing a new-to-us fridge, I said to Kevin, “I really miss blogging.”  I miss writing and reading and responding to all of you.  But somehow, for the last few weeks, I’ve been up until all hours doing things that are time-sensitive and pressing.  I really only blog at […]

WWRW: U.S. History Literature for kids, plus E, F, G picture books

Diving right in hereon a Thursday with another What We’re Reading Wednesday, even though I’m not totally sure Jessica is hosting this week.  She likes to keep herself busy, that one. Literature for teaching U.S. History: Exploration and Colonization: Leif the Lucky  and Columbus by the D’Aulaires: I love me some D’Aulaires.  They’re a husband/wife […]

October book has been chosen!

It’s Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy by Rumer Godden!  (Check your library for availability.  Amazon has it too, and if you click that link up there ^, I get a couple pennies out of your purchase.) From the Amazon description: This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe, a prostitute and brothel […]

Stella Maris Book Club: Check-in and voting for our next book!

Hi friends! How are you doing on My Sisters the Saints?  I finished it last night.  After a bit of a slow start, I really enjoyed the ending.  I don’t want to give anything away before our official discussion, but I do hope you all get to finish it.  It’s worth pushing through. On to […]

ABC books that don’t make you want to poke your eyes out: WWRW

Well, howdy!  What We’re Reading Wednesday, 2 weeks in a row?  What is this, some kind of joke?  No, no, I assure you, it’s just a challenge issued request by Jessica.  There will come a day when I can’t keep up with that request, there will come a day when the courage of bloggers will fail.  But […]