Little House on the Prairie birthday party: Aliya turns 9!

Aliya asked for a Little House on the Prairie birthday party, and I figured it would be super fun.  And I was right!  It WAS fun.  We held it at a local park because our little house isn’t conducive to either parties or a “prairie” feel.   Here’s the lowdown: Food: simple fare, inspired by Little […]

Secret Agent Birthday Party

Usually I avoid birthday party themes.  For someone as un-creative as me, they really only serve to make the party more expensive, time consuming, and ultimately, more of a headache.  When Aliya asked for a “spy” party though, I have to admit, I was intrigued. Here are a bunch of photos and a few words […]

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel! (Or: How to Raise a Boy Toddler?)

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!  2 years and 2 days ago, you came into the world at 10 lbs 1 oz, after taking your sweet time getting here.  Oh, you made me wait and wait as none of your siblings did.  And it was such a sweet thing to finally have you in my arms. Look at […]

Happy Birthday, Kev!

Kevin, Happy Birthday!  I’m so lucky to have you as a husband.  You are perfect for me, and an amazing father to boot. I’ll limit the gushing sentimentalism since I already did a lot of that last week and I know how much it embarrasses you.  Instead: I love you, and you rock. P.S. In […]

Happy Birthday, Ali!

Six years ago, I went into labor for the first time with you, my second child.  Your birth taught me a million things about myself, and you, my dear sweet one, haven’t stopped the life lessons since. We love you, little bug!

An Infinite and Unbearable Treasure

I am writing my annual birthday post a day early.  50% – um, make that 75% of my kids have a stomach bug and if I am going down on my birthday, it will not be without 1) cleaning my house first (about halfway there!) and 2) writing a birthday bloggity-blog. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tomorrow is my […]

It’s Good to be Gabe

Seven Reasons it’s Good to be Gabe So, it’s my birthday today and my mom said I could help write the blog.  I don’t really know what a blog is.  All I know is my mom made me sit still for like 5 whole MINUTES, on my birthday no less, and answer some silly questions […]

3 More Reasons to Love EWorld, plus 4 Other Random Topics

If you missed my original not-to-be-missed Seven Reasons to Love EWorld, check here.  It’s truly outrageous. ~1~ Meanwhile, back at EWorld… There is a random field full of random toys/photo op locations, spaced at random intervals.  Really, this is not strange.  It is genius.  How exhausting are amusement parks?  The rides, the noise, the people? […]

Happy Birthday, Gianna!

What has two thumbs and writes a birthday post 1 week late?  This lady. Somebody should really talk to her about that. Oh, and about the horrible webcam photos, too. So tacky. How about a nicer photo of that same lady?  Only this time you will barely notice her because she is holding her precious first […]

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Happy Birthday to This Guy!!!! I’ll save the world from most of my mushy details.  This is all I’ll say: You’ve been my best friend for 14 years.  Best 14 years of my life.You’ve been my husband for nearly 10.  Best 10 years of my life.You’ve been the father of our children for 7.  Best […]