Why you should (and how-to) write a birth plan (with downloadable templates)

Hey y’all!  It’s due date month around these parts!  I’m 36.5 weeks along, and in honor of that I thought we’d spend some time chatting about birth in general, beginning today with making a document called “Birth preferences” to help you and your OB/midwife to be on the same page. Let me step back and […]

Rosalie’s Birth Story

If you’re interested in my other birth stories, you can read them here: Gianna, Aliya, Gabriel, Ezekiel. This should be interesting to write out.  It’s the first of these birth story blog entries that I’m writing while it’s still fresh in my mind. Also, it was just a flat-out crazy story.  But we’ll get to that […]

The spirituality of labor and birth

Welp.  Today marks 37 weeks pregnant.  That means this baby could (but probably won’t) come any day now.  I’ve started having some pre-labor feelings and discomforts and so of course, it’s time to commence with the crazy that is the last month of pregnancy.  The mind games that wonder, “Is this it?” or “Now surely […]

Ezekiel’s Birth Story

On the day Gabriel was born, I called one of my very best friends and regaled her with the news of Gabriel’s grand entrance into the world via our bathtub.  I will never forget her incredulous voice asking, “What are you going to do with your next baby?  You’re going to have to go have […]

Gabriel’s Birth Story

Prologue: My first birth experience was when I was 13 years old.  My mom gave birth to my brother Stephen at home, and I was able to attend.  My mom also had my sister (!!!FINALLY, a sister!!!) Katerina at home when I was 15.  Those births affected me very deeply.  Yes, I saw my mom […]

Aliya’s Birth Story

Prologue: It would help if you read Gianna’s birth story (now updated to include her newborn pics), but if you don’t have time (or plain aren’t interested), here are the main details: scheduled c-section birth for placenta previa, some arguments with hospital staff, emotional delivery, and healthy and beautiful baby girl. If I had to describe […]

Gianna’s Birth Story

I’ve been wanting to write out my kids’ birth stories for quite some time now, and today, the 8th anniversary of my firstborn’s birth, seems to be the perfect time to start the series. ++++++++++++++++++++ Gianna’s Birth Story Prologue: In June of 2004, I became pregnant for the first time.  We had been planning to […]