Well, look at that.  It’s already Tuesday. (12 hours later…) Strike that.  Almost Wednesday.  Once again it’s been days since my last post.  Perhaps you’re glad I’m slowing down.  I’m certainly feeling less self-imposed pressure to post daily, so that’s been nice.  Unfortunately, I just don’t feel very smart lately.  Not much on the brain […]

Banchan 2

If you want to see the original Banchan post, look here. To catch you up, this is Part 2 (pronounced duel) of my Banchan series, where I share with you some interesting tidbits about Korean culture, as well as catch you up on what’s going on with our family. Korean Culture: South Koreans call South Korea […]


The heat is on.  It’s been a week or more since I last posted and now I am getting Facebook and email comments about how long it’s been.  I’m so honored that you guys enjoy my humble little blog.  But  every once in awhile my perfectionism rears its ugly head, and I can’t seem to find […]