Best Staycation Game Ever

Last week, I was supposed to be here: Okinawa, Japan While doing this: Not Chinese beer, but you get the idea. Didn’t happen.  Instead, I was here: In Daegu, but not under a bridge, as this picture might imply While doing this: That’s right.  Climbing on a parked front loader was a planned outing this weekend. […]

Gratitude: 7 Quotes, 7 Photos

The laziest post I have ever written.  None of it is from me.  Except the gratitude, of course.  That is deep and abiding within my heart. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day! St. Rose of Lima St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. George… … and his dragon Lil Pumpkin (my niece Gemma) Roman emperor The whole gang My sister-in-law Vanessa, and nieces Gemma and Siena Girls with thier best friend Yu Min (Cindy) Trick-or-treating by street lamp Hand it over! My favorite […]

Elixir of Life

Are you familiar with the Elixir of Life? No, it’s not ambrosia.  First of all, smartypants, ambrosia is the Nectar of the Gods.  Secondly, the only ambrosia I’ve ever encountered is fruit salad with marshmallows, and I’m sorry (especially to my in-laws, because I may just catch hell for this), but marshmallows in a fruit […]


Autumn has arrived to Daegu.  The trees are finally in all their glory.  This is a funny topic (to me, perhaps not to you) because for weeks and weeks I scanned the trees for some small sign , any sign really, that the leaves might change color and fall.  I had been assured that yes, […]