Breaking News

This week Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, died.  He will be succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un.  You would think that this is big news. You may even think all of us in South Korea are under siege or at least on high alert, thanks to CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, KCET, ESPN, TBS, TNT, […]

Some photos

I don’t have anything witty or wise to say tonight.  Just wanted to share a few pictures we’ve taken over the last few weeks.  Enjoy! Sibling Love: swinging from the exercise rings by the river Crossing the river on this rock path…. giving me a heart attack with every step. Duryu Park: More sibling love Duryu […]

End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era.  I’ve termed it the Age of B.S.  B.S. stands for “Before Sienna.”  (Shame on you.)  As in, the 41 days we’ve spent here in Daegu without our beloved Toyota Sienna.  With no private transportation other than the generosity of family and new friends.  Just in case you’ve forgotten, that’s a […]

Beef and Leaf: Korean Barbecue

We have been avoiding Korean barbecue restaurants (nicknamed “beef and leaf”) since we arrived here a little over a month ago.  Why, you ask?  Our reason has a name.  It’s name is Gabriel. I know he looks angelic.  He takes after his father like that.  And truly, he is a sweetheart.  With just a little […]

Face-off: Parks vs. Playgrounds

I have never fully contemplated the placement of a playground within a park.  I suppose I’m just used to it.  It always seemed to be harmonious place for our family. Here in Daegu, there are an abundance of both parks and playgrounds, but rarely together.  Apartment buildings have playgrounds, often more than 1.  These are elaborate affairs […]

Coffee, anyone? Coffee, everyone!

I love coffee.  When I moved to Spain in college, there were little mom and pop cafés in every plaza.  It was in those little havens where I discovered cafe con leche, and my life was forever altered.  A little espresso, a lot of milk and sugar… ¡qué rico! Uh, I’ve got news for you Spain.  You […]

Urban Nature

 Working on another post with more pictures.  That meatier one will hopefully be up tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a cool shot I snapped from the banks of the river.  Any of my smart friends know what type of flower this is?

Racing Throught the Streets of Daegu

No, this post is not about taxis, or any other type of automobile driving in South Korea.  I know, the title threw you, didn’t it?  Yes, driving can be a bit hectic here, but I’m actually talking about the IAAF World Championships. Daegu was chosen several years ago to host the International Association of Athletics Federation’s 2011 […]

Hotel Life

I think if we were a young childless couple, hotel life would be incredible.  No need to cook or clean, all manner of restaurants at our disposal, gym and sauna upstairs, massages downstairs.  As I said, incredible. With children, it is intolerable.  To put it mildly. Yes, all those perks are still there.  But for […]


Here are some pictures of our first week in Daegu. On the airplane The view out our hotel window Going crazy in the hotel In downtown Daegu