Buddhist Temple: Architecture, Theme Thursdays

I live in a big city.  Oh, you knew that?  What gave it away?  The tall buildings in the background of Every Single Photo? Oh, yeah.  Those.  I am actually pretty tired of those.  This week I thought I would try to photograph a Buddhist temple instead.  I mean, I live in Korea, after all, […]

Korean Bath Houses: Spa Valley

I regret to inform you that there will be no nude photos on this here blog.  Not regret actually.  I’m perfectly fine letting you know that important piece of information, just in case you came here with impure intentions.  I’m talking to you, Chester.  Move along now.  Just move along.  Mmm-hmm. Buh-bye, now. Apparently, up […]

Sun flare/Haze: Theme Thursdays

Theme Thursdays Cari is hosting Theme Thursdays, beginning today.  If you are an amateur photographer, you should join in, no blog necessary!  Click over to her place to learn the details.Today I was lucky enough to get sun flare in the morning and haze in the evening.  Fun! I think technically I was supposed to […]

Herbal Medicine and a Korean Statue

Mondays are not my, er, best days.  (You too?!! Twins!) As Kevin says, “We’re mourning the weekend.”  This weekend, being my birthday weekend, was particularly difficult to leave behind. Saturday Kevin gave me a few hours to myself.  I grasped them with all the strength of a drowning man to a life preserver. Not that […]

Photos from Christmas Week

Not much time for anything other than photos this week.  Fortunately I took a gazillion.  Warning: this post contains entirely too many exclamation points. ~1~ Saturday I bought and assembled a book shelf for the playroom.  Kids always add…adventure… to such home improvement projects, don’t you think? ~2~ Sunday We added the finishing touches to […]

3 More Reasons to Love EWorld, plus 4 Other Random Topics

If you missed my original not-to-be-missed Seven Reasons to Love EWorld, check here.  It’s truly outrageous. ~1~ Meanwhile, back at EWorld… There is a random field full of random toys/photo op locations, spaced at random intervals.  Really, this is not strange.  It is genius.  How exhausting are amusement parks?  The rides, the noise, the people? […]

Korean Stereotypes in Action

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written much about South Korea or Korean culture lately.  Maybe that is a good sign (assimilation?) or maybe it is just laziness.  Either way, as I was lamenting my lack of material, a new experience just dropped into my lap.  Isn’t that just the way […]

Happy Mothers Day and Shameless Photo Montage

I am truly blessed to have both an incredible and amazing mother, and an awesome and wonderful mother in law.  Mom and Marie, I thank God for you every day!  Happy Mothers Day! To all my female friends and family: those who are mothers, those who hope to be mothers, and those who find their […]

Checklist: Eating our way through Daegu

Last week, before my brother Joseph arrived, Kevin and I met up with my other brother Luke and his wife Vanessa to plan some fun things to do on his vist. We planned the usual: Seomun Market, Woobang Tower Land, museums, shopping, a trip to Busan, etc. Somehow, our list included eating every evening meal […]

Ice Skating, an Airplane, and a Surprise Cooking Class

Most days are like the days before and the days after.  They are predictable in a quiet, comforting way.  I’m mostly okay with that.  I don’t need a whole lot of hullabaloo on a regular basis.  (See, I even use geriatric words like “hullabaloo” in everyday speech.  Booooring.)  Today, a holiday to celebrate the life of the […]