Theme Thursday/3 Reasons/Bad Blogger

I’m a very bad blogger this week. No soup for me. But first, the good news: Adorable children!  That’s good news, right? The other good news is that as you read this I will be camping.  Real  camping (not glamping) in the wilderness.  No internet, no phones… It will be a welcome respite. The bad news […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 3, with bonus 3 Surprising Quick Takes

I don’t even know if this is allowed.  A link-up within a link-up?  Seems like a blogger pyramid scheme is there were such a thing, and if there was any money to be had by being so uncouth. Ne’ertheless, please forgive my bad manners, read on, and participate if you so choose. 3 Reasons I Love […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 2

You guys.  I was completely overwhelmed by the contributions to last month’s 3 Reasons post.  It was a beautiful outpouring of support for those of us who sometimes feel weakened in face of continuous attacks on Catholicism.  If this is your first time here, feel free to check out the previous posts, or skip to the […]

Consider Yourself Warned: Another 3 Reasons is in the mix!

This Friday, y’all!  It’ll be the first Friday of the month, and around these parts, that means ‘nother edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.   And depending on your personality, you can take this as a warning or an invitation: my post will contain some PG-13 material.  😉 Hope to see you back then! […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 1

Welcome to the first ever 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism link-up!  I’d love to hear what YOU love about Catholicism, either in a blog post, the comments section below, or on the California to Korea Facebook page.  For more info on the inspiration for this link-up, check out Calling All Catholic Bloggers! ~1~ The Crucifix Giotto […]

Calling All Catholic Bloggers!

Catholicism gets a pretty bad rap these days.  I’ve seen it written in many a comment box: How can anyone remain Catholic in the light of [insert heinous event/practice/teaching here]?! I can sympathize.  If you’re on the outside (or even the outskirts) of Catholicism, you may only really know what the media tells you.  It can […]