Zeke’s Hair Update

I know Ezekiel’s hair drama (as told by Gabriel) must have left you sleepless, wondering if there would ever be a happy resolution.

I’ve come to cure your insomnia.

See, after Gabriel laughed at Zeke for being Bieber-ized, and my brother Luke resorted to calling him “Phillip”:

as in Phillip Seymour Hoffman…

I decided it was time to try for Zeke’s second haircut in as many weeks.  Much to my surprise, he looks great!

And not at all like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Unless you count this:

Which I don’t.  Count it, I mean.  I totally deny the existence of any similarities between my adorable baby and that man.

It’s my blog and I can deny what I want.


  1. Umm. As a HUGE PSH fan, I’m blown away by this. Zeke can only build on the coolest reputation by an albino hamflesh man ever made on this planet, EVER.