Zeke-isms and two Gabe-isms

My little honey badger toddler is pretty dang funny these days. He’s always cracking us up and I thought I’d better share some things here before I forget them.

We were at a marriage retreat this weekend called Life Giving Love. All the kids (and there were many!) were watched in the gym next door while we attended the retreat. Zeke needed to come see us throughout for various reasons and he became pretty comfortable with all the attention.

Zeke: Who dat guy in da black shirt?
Me: That’s Father John.
Zeke: I want him hold me.

(Proceeds to run across the gym and crawl up Fr. John’s leg in front of about 20 retreatants.)


Yep. Definitely not my shy kid.


One way I kept them happy during the long drive was singing songs. Itsy Bitsy Spider (English AND Spanish) is one favorite.

Zeke: Sing da Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Me: (Sing and sign in English)
Zeke: Now sing da piñata one.


Zeke: Why do da (street) lights turn on at night?
Me: The lights have computers in them. The computers tell the lights when it gets dark. Then the computers turn on the lights.
Zeke: Oh… Why do da lights turn on at night?


Kevin and I went to New York a few weeks ago for a wedding.  The kids went to stay with my parents (“Oma” and “Opa”) for the weekend.  I told him a few days ago that we were going back up to Oma and Opa’s for the weekend.

Zeke: I go at Oma Opa’s house.  You go at da wedding.
Me: I want to go to Oma and Opa’s too.  Is that okay?
Zeke: (Pause) Okay. Daddy go at a wedding.


From a few weeks back:

Aliya: Zeke!  Do you know what rainbows are made of?
Zeke: Yeah.
Aliya (dubiously): Really?  What?
Zeke: F’owers and jump wopes.


Sometimes I use the voice recording function for my text messages. It’s funny to “speak” a message, along with punctuation, but it leaves my hands free.

Me: On my way home (period) Be home soon (period)
Zeke: Mommy!  Why yous talking ’bout yours period?!?!


Another text message funny, this time from Gabriel:

Me: Leaving the store (period) See you soon (Period)
Gabe: Tinkerbell!  Period!


Gabe: Why did you and Daddy get married?
Me: Because we love each other, and we wanted God to bless our love.
Gabe: And bless  your kissing?  {Giggles}
Me: (laughing) Yes.  And bless our kissing, too.

Got any funny toddler-isms?  Share!



  1. Ha! Those are great. Your kissing obviously has been very blessed indeed…
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…Seven Takes on a SaturdayMy Profile

  2. These are fantastic… Children are simply the BEST. Thanks for the morning laugh. 🙂 I needed it.
    Iris H. @ Country Girl’s Daybook recently posted…what i wore on Mission Sunday {10.20.13}My Profile

  3. Have you read Britt Fisk’s posts on Carter’s toddler-isms (great word, BTW). If not, check out the Fisk Files. They’ve been my favorites, but then you haven’t been posting Zeke’s. More! More!
    Anna recently posted…Week Ending 19 de octubreMy Profile

    • I haven’t! And toddler-isms are my favorite, so I will definitely check them out. Currently Rosie @ A Blog for My Mom is my reigning toddler-quoter. Her Cecilia is hilarious!

  4. He is adorable, but really I mostly want his hairstylist to come take a look at Isaac for me. His hair is perfect.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Thorns and RosesMy Profile

  5. These are spectacular! Love those kiddos!

  6. I love him re-asking the question you just answered. We get that a lot from our 3 year old son.
    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose recently posted…Jenn’s Tips (Vol. 6): Clothing a family on a budgetMy Profile

  7. Oh man I love reading these again 🙂 They made me laugh so hard! I think my favorites are your period and the lights – I can’t even tell you how many times I explain something to them in excruciation detail only to have them ask the same. exact. question immediately afterwards. Cecilia asked John Paul the same question twice the other day and he said, “I TOLD you already!!!” and I realized that perhaps I just need to start running out of the room when they ask questions rather than start getting exasperated 😛
    Rosie recently posted…What They Said, A Link-Up!My Profile

    • Oh, Rosie. I’m quickly racking up material up for a new post. The problem isn’t that my kids aren’t funny, it’s that I can’t remember it when I sit down to write!


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