Life with Boys

In case you missed last week’s 5 Favorites post, I’m pregnant.  Yippee!  So excited about that fact.  Now to get past random waves of nausea and the bone-deep exhaustion that cannot be satiated ever ever ever no matter how much I sleep.  Come on 2nd trimester.  You seriously cannot come quickly enough.

At my first and only appointment so far, my doctor (who delivered Gianna) awkwardly let me know that I am of “Advanced Maternal Age.”  (Gee, thanks, buddy.  You’re no spring chicken yourself!)  He’ll treat me like any other pregnant mom, he promised, but it does make me eligible for additional testing.  I immediately tensed up, having recently switched back to him because the doctor I saw for all my other pregnancies began doing abortions and, well, you can imagine how I feel about that.

Once we got it out of the way that there is no possibility of an abortion no way, no how,  (and that he wasn’t even remotely suggesting it, either) he let us know that there is a new blood test that effectively takes the place of an amniocentesis.  Now, an amnio, because of my history of healthy pregnancies and the risk of injury to the baby is completely off the table.  But a blood draw?  That doesn’t sound so bad.  Oh, and BY THE WAY.  That means we might find out the gender as early as next week.  Whaaaaaaaattttt?????

Our history: we found out the gender with the three oldest kids and waited with Zeke.  I just assumed we would wait with this little one too, but my husband has other ideas.  We’re still in talks, but because he is handsome and persuasive, I’m assuming he might get his way.  (Honestly, it’s the least I can do, considering all the shenanigans I drag him into.)

Besides, the Bruise Brothers (Gabe and Zeke) already give us a run for our money.  It might be nice to prepare mentally for another little ball of testosterone, if that’s what’s cookin’.


Speaking of those hams, here are a few gems from the past couple of weeks.

Gabe: Mommy, is there a baby in your belly?

Me: Yes.

Gabe:  Do you promise? Like, really, big time promise?  You’re not joking, are you?  I would be really mad and sad if you were joking.



Zeke: (spluttering after getting water up his nose in the bath)  Mommy!  I hate getting water up my nose.  It makes my nose poisonous!


Between that crossbite and those eyes, this kid is going to spend his college savings (ha!) in orthodontics and glasses. Good thing he’s cute.


Kevin: Zeke pooped in the yard.

Me: WHAT?!  Ezekiel Lawrence, you do not poop outside. (File that under: Things I Cannot Believe I Have to Say Aloud)

Zeke: (without a trace of sarcasm and the most earnest face possible) But Mommy!  There wasn’t a potty out there!

My bad, I suppose.

So, this kid won't even stay still long enough for me to capture the most epic photo ever.  But you get the drift.

So, this kid won’t even stay still long enough for me to capture the most epic photo ever. But you get the drift.


With Mimi on her birthday.  Gabe (with a lot of help from Gianna) made that parrot for her.

With Mimi on her birthday. Gabe (with a lot of help from Gianna) made that parrot for her.

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  1. Micaela!! Congratulations!!! How very exciting and wonderful! I’m so happy for you, Kevin and all the kids!
    I did miss your FF post; so is the first I’m hearing and I’m thrilled for you!

    What a wonderful way to start my day!! Feel great…… 🙂

    chris recently posted…My Pope, My Shepherd~ Mercy IS DivineMy Profile

  2. Ha! This made me think of a blog post I wrote almost 7 years ago when my kids were almost 3 and 4 1/2
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…What I Wore SundayMy Profile

    • BAHAHAHAHA! Beth, that story is the best. And proof that this blogging thing is worth it, to be able to pull that out of your hat, years later.

  3. I’ll be mad/sad too!
    Great post!
    Joy recently posted…What they said vol #3My Profile

  4. Congratulations!!! I hope you’ll be soon into the 2nd tri feeling-good phase. 🙂

  5. Poop in the yard!!! Oh man, I suppose I have to brace myself for when that happens… The other day John Paul just kind of peed in the yard, just because he didn’t feel like going inside. Boys.

    Thanks for linking up! I would TOTALLY find out gender if I were you, but only because I just can’t wait that long!!!
    Rosie recently posted…What They Said, Volume 10My Profile

  6. Bruise brothers! Yes! I have two too and they have not been messing around in that department lately. :/ still so excited for you! And, that’s really tough about your doctors. 🙁 wish there were NFP only doctors everywhere. We’re blessed to have two here in Dallas. Prayers your 2nd tri gets here pronto!!
    Amanda recently posted…WIWS: Answers & Easter!My Profile

  7. I am just catching up on blogs this week so this is late but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so excited for you. We’re adding you to our pregnant mamas prayer list. 🙂
    bobbi @ revolution of love recently posted…7 Quick Takes (5/3/14) & {p,h,f,r} vol. 87 & “Answer Me This” Mash-up: Road Trips, Disneyland & Star WarsMy Profile

  8. Wait, whaaatttt???? Pregnant??!! YIPPPEEEE!!! I’m so excited for you, and very sympathetic to your nausea, oi!! I will keep you in my prayers, as I know it can be a struggle to manage life when you feel like you have to barf every five seconds. I got that whole “advance maternal age” line of crap from my doctor too. If only he knew how stout our hearts are!! With that in place, the body can handle anything, right?? At any rate, I’l be thinking of you often in days, weeks and months to come!! 🙂
    Susan recently posted…Cankles, Popsicles and a Baby Pool – Enough to Inspire a 5 Favorites Swimwear EditionMy Profile


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