Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Our angel Gabriel
 Today you are 2 years old. You told me so when I woke up. In a shy little whisper you said to me, “Mama, be my birthday.” Oh sweet one, how it touched my heart that you understood what a special day today is.

On this morning 2 years ago, you were born so quickly.  You surprised us all with the speed of your entrance.  That enthusiasm is still a part of your personality.  You rocket from one activity to the next, and experience so much joy in all the world’s treasures.

You have such a gleam in your eye, such a verve for life.  Your voice rings with laughter and you love to bring laughter to everyone around you.

Your persistence is a blessing and a challenge to everyone in our family.  When you want something, you let it be known, and you work and ask and ask and work until somehow, it works out your way.  Or at least we find a suitable distraction.

God bless you, Gabriel.  God surely blessed us when he sent you.