Happy Birthday, Ezekiel! (Or: How to Raise a Boy Toddler?)

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!  2 years and 2 days ago, you came into the world at 10 lbs 1 oz, after taking your sweet time getting here.  Oh, you made me wait and wait as none of your siblings did.  And it was such a sweet thing to finally have you in my arms.

Look at that chunk!

Of course, your delayed birth was only the first  of many (many!) lessons in patience you have taught me.  Apparently, I am a slow learner.

You are now wholly two years old.  You are adorable beyond belief.  You captivate the hearts of every Korean woman around, with your handsome cheesy smile and big gray eyes.  
And heaven help us all, you are, as they say, ALL BOY.  You climb… everything.  You explore… everything.  You take everything out of everywhere. You play with knives hidden so deeply in drawers that even I can’t find them.
And sometimes you even light things on fire.
Like this kitchen timer that you removed from the fridge, placed in the (ridiculously low) microwave, and turned on.  Thankfully, at precisely that moment, I walked out of my (okay, our) bedroom and saw the flames from across the house.  Knocking several of your siblings aside on my way, I managed to extinguish the flame in just a few seconds.  I rounded on you with complete exasperation, ready to unleash a tirade of ” Ezekiel!  How?  Why?  What the…?!”

But in those soft gray eyes I saw only fear and sorrow.  “Mommy, me sorry.  Mommy, me scared.  Sorry, Mommy.  Sorry!”

So, yes, you test my patience daily (hourly), but you also teach me love and forgiveness and other wonderful things that I might miss out on if not for the crazy it comes with.

I love you, Ezekiel.  Happy birthday to the smallest man in my life.  Thank you for being you.


  1. Happy Birthday Zeke (do you call him that?) What a big baby – poor mama! He is darling, and this post just makes me heart swell even more for toddler boys!

  2. Oh my gosh. Fires! Knives! Climbing all the things! Yes! I don’t know how we do it either.
    Happy birthday sweet, sweet boy.

  3. He looks like he is plotting something in that last photo. That or he already did something and is praying that cute face will get him out of it again!

  4. Ding ding ding! Option number 2, most likely. He’s not a plotter so much as a plower… He plows through things!

  5. Happy Birthday..he is adorable!

    Starting fires!!!!! yikes!

  6. I think I have this same two year old, blond hair gray eyes and all! But he was only 9 lbs 3, at 38 weeks, so just a little bitty guy 😉

    Happy birthday, Ezekiel!

  7. Happy birthday, little guy! My goodness, he is rather an overachiever in the getting into amazing predicaments department, isn’t he! The fire story was pretty impressive!

  8. Kitchen timer in the microwave?!!! Thank God! you caught it! Hope he had a fabulous birthday! 🙂