Sacred Art Coloring Books: a review

You know what I did yesterday? I placed an Amazon order for the St. Nicholas Day books for the kids! It’s an annual tradition around here. Here are the selections from from 2 winters ago.

Wait, what?  When did it become holiday shopping season already? Are you panicking?  Cause I might be panicking just a little bit.

Lucky for you, I have a great suggestion for your stockings, or maybe your St. Nicholas Day shoes. Check out the Sense of the Sacred coloring book.

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, so I took a swing at coloring one of the pictures while praying my rosary.


I’m sure most of you could correct my techniques, but I did thoroughly enjoy myself. And, bonus, it helped my distractable self pay attention while praying.

Aaaaand because I never do anything alone around here, Gianna quickly absconded with the book and made her own mark on it.



Gianna loooooves coloring, and this is her new favorite book.  When she misplaces it, she asks me if I know where her “sacred” book is.  Cutie pie.

At just $6.99 ($5.99 if you buy 3 or more!) this book of 30 illustrations is a great idea for any artistic kids on your list. The author, Dominic de Souza, also has a book of illuminated prayers that would be nice to keep around for evening prayer time.

I received a free copy of the coloring book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.