Secret Agent Birthday Party

Usually I avoid birthday party themes.  For someone as un-creative as me, they really only serve to make the party more expensive, time consuming, and ultimately, more of a headache.  When Aliya asked for a “spy” party though, I have to admit, I was intrigued.

Here are a bunch of photos and a few words about the most elaborate kids party I’ve ever thrown.  But don’t go expecting things like this from me all the time!!!  Once in a lifetime is enough, right?


Probably the hit of the party, I found the idea for this “laser beam maze” on Pinterest.  it was incredibly easy to set up and the kids must have gone through it 5 times each.  Even the older kids at the party enjoyed the challenge.



Ignore the insanely messy craft drawers.


Due to inclement weather and our yard being soaked from the one and only rainstorm we had all year {shakes fist at sky}, we actually began our party at {gulp} Chuck E. Cheese.  We have one right down the road from us, so our friends met us there.  We purchased some tokens for the kids and set up our Secret Agent Training Facility Headquarters.  (below)  We in-processed all of the new agents as they arrived, and then they began their training missions.  Basically, I sent them out to find a video game that fulfilled a broad general topic: physical fitness, jungle training, sea tactics, automotive/aerial maneuvers, etc.  After each completed training mission, the agents reported back to headquarters for a signature in their books and their next training mission.  (The kids really had a blast with this, if I do say so myself.)



Door sign, free for you to use.

Secret Agent Badge


Because I couldn’t find a good free ID badge online, I made my own.  Feel free to use it.  (The box in the lower right corner is for a thumbprint.)

After returning home from Chuck E. Cheese, the kids played in the laser beam maze, and did an obstacle course that was all Kevin: evasive tactics (trampoline), physical fitness, hostage retrieval (stuffed animal from the spy tunnel), bomb diffusing (cover a ballooon with a blanket and pop it), etc.  James Bond and Mission Impossible theme songs played in the background.




Here’s the birthday girl wearing one of the party favors: sunglasses from the 99 Cent Store.  We also provided mini-notebooks (I made them because all the ones we found were ridiculous), pens, mustaches (they didn’t last long- too uncomfortable), and the ID badges, of course.


Last but not least, the most appropriate pinata we could find was a treasure chest.  Who really cares, though, when it’s full of candy.  Amiright?



P.S. We did all of this using stuff we had around the house and shopping around for deals.  It was actually very inexpensive, but a little more time consuming than our average parties.  Still, the fun made it all worth it.


  1. Wow, this is great! My oldest is super into spy stuff right now and I’m thinking his birthday will likely involve something like this so I will definitely keep all your awesome ideas in mind! (Although I have to admit, not one of my favorite stages and I’m hoping it passes sooner rather than later 🙂
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  3. Genevieve says:

    Very cool ideas!!! Even cooler party theme!!! I’m so over the Frozen themed parties. Lol.


  1. Scott Tucker says:

    Scott Tucker

    Secret Agent Birthday Party – California to Korea | and back again…

  2. […] Currently, I have somewhere between 2 and 4 pairs… of scratched up 99 Cent Store sunglasses.  Ugh.  They’re leftover party favors from Aliya’s Super Spy birthday party. […]