Little House on the Prairie birthday party: Aliya turns 9!

Aliya asked for a Little House on the Prairie birthday party, and I figured it would be super fun.  And I was right!  It WAS fun.  We held it at a local park because our little house isn’t conducive to either parties or a “prairie” feel.


SONY DSCHere’s the lowdown:

  • Food: simple fare, inspired by Little House books, but with modern accommodations
  • Costumes: straight outta the dress-up bin
  • Games: a simple mercantile shop, button necklaces, tug of war (kid-inspired)
  • Favor: bookmarks

For munching:

  • apples
  • cornbread
  • prairie salad (spinach with nuts, cranberries, and bleu cheese)
  • sliced ham (I really wanted a big old ham on the bone but struck out at 2 grocery stores and ran out of energy to make that dream happen)
  • Onion Pie (recipe below, taken from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Country Cookbook)
  • pretzels (“logs” for the log cabin)
  • cheesecake with berries for dessert (thank you pre-made graham pie crusts and Martha Stewart recipe)
  • drinks: lemonade (fresh squeezed because we got a bunch of lemons from a friend), water, and {gasp} iced decaf coffee (also from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Country Cookbook)



Onion Pie recipe

I really regret typing this in blue. It looked great while I was making it, but now it’s hard to see. Sooooooorrrrrrryyyyyy.


For playing:

We set up a shop, or mercantile, with penny candy, and for a penny/scoop, popcorn and peanuts.  Each guest received a paper bag with a bookmark favor (see below) and 10 pennies to spend or keep.  (Pretty sure most kids spent them.)  I think I probably spent about $20 total on candy and peanuts, and I put them in mason jars and baskets we already had around the house. The girls found a scrap piece of wood and painted the sign.  So cute.

We also had a box of buttons and twine to make button necklaces, and a few girls availed themselves of that activity.  Toward the end of the party, the big kids found a giant branch and started a tug of war game.  I just love when kids take over party games.



Gianna can’t believe how much work this mercantile is.

For taking home:

Last year I made bookmarks for a birthday party favor and I really enjoyed having the leftovers all year long.  After a quick Google search resulted in the fact that I could not in fact afford/have time for Etsy bookmoarks, I remembered that I had some Little House books that were absolutely falling apart and I thought they would make cute bookmarks.


I tore out pages that had illustrations, the bibliophile in me cringing the whole time.  I folded each page in half and laid them on contact paper, laid contact paper over the top, and cut them out.  A quick hole punch and a ribbon tied at the top and I got some pretty darn cute bookmarks.


Other fun photos:




I would totally host this party again, especially now having figured everything out. The food was the most expensive and time intensive part, and that could really be modified to whatever works for your family or party.  Let me know if you throw one of these, too!  I’d love to see everyone’s take on it.


  1. So cute!! What a fun theme! You did a great job.

  2. What a great idea for a party! I love everything about this. So simple yet so fun and different!! Great job!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…A quick and easy meal that acutally tasted good!My Profile

  3. That was so cute and fun! Wow! The onion pie looks delicious, was it?? You may have just given me a new craving 🙂
    Colleen recently posted…Weekend Update and the Baby’s NicknameMy Profile

  4. I just love this!! The bookmarks are genius!! They make me want to drop everything and go to thrift stores to buy classic books to have for crafts 🙂
    And the photos of your girls at the Mercantile??? Gorgeous! I hope you all treasure that for a long, long time <3
    Thanks for sharing these ideas 🙂
    Theresa recently posted…My Bag of Insanity ::or:: Possibly my Most Embarrassing Post EverMy Profile

  5. What a beautiful and fun party! Love the costumes, food, bookmarks…well everything! Great Job and precious memories captured!
    Tracy Bua Smith recently posted…How We Say the Stations of the Cross at Home and a Soccer SunriseMy Profile

  6. If I ever have a little girl, I will be copying this 🙂

  7. Love it! (Especially those super-cute bookmarks.) Looks like the kids had a great time!
    Julie recently posted…Putting Out FiresMy Profile

  8. Looks like a wonderful party for any Little House lover. Our bookmarks have been extremely popular for party favors. I’m glad you were able to gather inspiration from us for your special day.
    Jennifer Zurn recently posted…Vintage Little House on the Prairie Series Bookmarks (set of 3), Little House on the Praire, One of a Kind Bookmark, Vintage Book Pages by FireflyDesignsAndCoMy Profile

  9. Oh how adorable! So much precious prairie all wrapped up. What a special and memorable way to celebrate your daughter. So sweet that she asked for a Little House birthday too. ♥

    We haven’t read about the onion pie yet – can’t wait ’till we get there – sounds delicious!
    Michelle recently posted…Learning With Little House Books {Our 2016-2017 Curriculum}My Profile