Happy Birthday, Kev!


Happy Birthday!  I’m so lucky to have you as a husband.  You are perfect for me, and an amazing father to boot. I’ll limit the gushing sentimentalism since I already did a lot of that last week and I know how much it embarrasses you.  Instead: I love you, and you rock.
P.S. In case you need proof of my love and affection for you: May I remind you that I once successfully stalled active labor for 18+ hours so as not to have your birthday usurped by baby Zeke?  True story.


  1. WOW! Now THAT’s love!

  2. Wow.so how do you stall active labor? Do I even want to know?

  3. Happy birthday to him! My daughter’s birthday is also today!

  4. I love the phrase “you rock!” Reminds me of Crush in Finding Nemo hollering at Squirt, “You Totally Rock!” True love, dat.