Talking about “the Talk,” episode 2

A few months back, I began preparing for a discussion on sexuality with my oldest child.  I spent quite a bit of time researching and wrote a post called Talking about “the Talk”, which turned out to be a really big hit with many of you.  I got such wonderful feedback that I decided to put […]

New Life: Theme Thursday

Good morning, lovelies. For New Life I was envisioning adorable baby chicks, puppies, or baby lambs. I was daydreaming about flowers budding and leaves on trees unfurling. What I got was this: Sometimes new life isn’t that pretty, you know?  Sometimes it feels heavy and burdensome, a weight that pulls you forward, pulls you downward. […]

Easter photos: Theme Thursday

Welcome back, photo-loving friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the octave of Easter to the fullest.  For me it’s meant lots of peanut butter cups and trying to say “yes” more to the kids.  Turns out I’m great at the first and not so great at the second.  But I’m trying! We spent Easter at […]

I’m not afraid of the crucifix anymore.

My eldest daughter Gianna, chubby cheeks and wispy hair, toddled up to me with her children’s Bible clutched in her grubby hands.  She was two and a half.  I pulled her considerable weight onto my lap while her baby sister Aliya dozed to sleep in my other arm.  She opened the Bible and the first […]

Warm colors / Cool colors: Theme Thursday

So last week was Aliya’s birthday (and party) and in the craziness of it all I never got my Theme Thursday post together.  Many many apologies, friends.  Ruth Anne of Holloway Family North is my most frequent contributor and it turns out she had a baby last Sunday (congratulations Ruth Anne!), so, possibly between that […]

Little House on the Prairie birthday party: Aliya turns 9!

Aliya asked for a Little House on the Prairie birthday party, and I figured it would be super fun.  And I was right!  It WAS fun.  We held it at a local park because our little house isn’t conducive to either parties or a “prairie” feel.   Here’s the lowdown: Food: simple fare, inspired by Little […]

A Day in the Life: Homeschool Style

If you’re here from the Simple Homeschool link-up, welcome! I’m Micaela.  I’ve got 5 kiddos ages 10, 9, 6, 4, 15 months, and a baby due in late May. This is our fifth year homeschooling, which to some may seem like a lot but to me feels impossible.  How have we been at this that […]

Black & White: Theme Thursday

Hey.  Don’t be mad.  It’s still Thursday, okay. Alright, I’m sorry.  Last night I made the conscious decision not to blog and you deserve better, Theme Thursday-ans. Who loves black and white photos?  {hand straight up} Who really struggles to take good black and whites? {up it goes again} I read a suggestion once that b&w […]

Saturation: Theme Thursday with a new schedule!

Hi friends! How’s about we lighten things up with a new Theme Thursday schedule and a link up, to boot? This week’s theme is “Saturation,” the last of our editing themes.  Here’s a cute picture Aliya took of Gabe in the snow. I guess what I learned is that I thought I was a high saturation […]

Pope Francis: 3 reasons to stop bashing him, and a list of things to do instead

The pope gave an interview on a plane yesterday.  I laughed as much as the next Catholic gal when this meme popped into my news feed: It’s funny because it’s true!  When Pope Francis speaks off-the-cuff with journalists, we get some interesting (okay, fine: confusing) headlines. Faithful Catholics everywhere scramble to figure out what exactly […]