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New Life: Theme Thursday

Good morning, lovelies. For New Life I was envisioning adorable baby chicks, puppies, or baby lambs. I was daydreaming about flowers budding and leaves on trees unfurling. What I got was this: Sometimes new life isn’t that pretty, you know?  Sometimes it feels heavy and burdensome, a weight that pulls you forward, pulls you downward. […]

Easter photos: Theme Thursday

Welcome back, photo-loving friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the octave of Easter to the fullest.  For me it’s meant lots of peanut butter cups and trying to say “yes” more to the kids.  Turns out I’m great at the first and not so great at the second.  But I’m trying! We spent Easter at […]

Warm colors / Cool colors: Theme Thursday

So last week was Aliya’s birthday (and party) and in the craziness of it all I never got my Theme Thursday post together.  Many many apologies, friends.  Ruth Anne of Holloway Family North is my most frequent contributor and it turns out she had a baby last Sunday (congratulations Ruth Anne!), so, possibly between that […]

Black & White: Theme Thursday

Hey.  Don’t be mad.  It’s still Thursday, okay. Alright, I’m sorry.  Last night I made the conscious decision not to blog and you deserve better, Theme Thursday-ans. Who loves black and white photos?  {hand straight up} Who really struggles to take good black and whites? {up it goes again} I read a suggestion once that b&w […]

Saturation: Theme Thursday with a new schedule!

Hi friends! How’s about we lighten things up with a new Theme Thursday schedule and a link up, to boot? This week’s theme is “Saturation,” the last of our editing themes.  Here’s a cute picture Aliya took of Gabe in the snow. I guess what I learned is that I thought I was a high saturation […]

Exposure (again) and Contrast: Theme Thursday

So I totally flaked on you last week.  I figured not that many people noticed since no one joined the link up I tossed up for posterity. But if you did, I’m sorry! Making up for it today by going over TWO themes! First, a little Instagram lesson/discussion.  Warning: I’m not an expert.  I’ve just […]

Exposure: Theme Thursday

Sooooo, yesterday I kind of, sort of blew up my tiny corner of the internet.  Nothing like the big blogs, but I had more hits (and comments!) on my post yesterday than I’ve had on all my other posts  from recent months combined. Which is great! And flattering! But it was also Ash Wednesday and […]

Crop: Theme Thursday

Yeesh. Way to overload the blog this week, Micaela! 3 posts in 2 days! So, it’s February, Theme Thursday-ers.  I’m excited to switch things up this month and do some work in post-editing.  I’ll be honest and say that my procrastinating self is happy to not have a deadline of “sunset on Wednesday.” I do […]

Aperture: Theme Thursday

Good morning, friends! Another installment of Theme Thursday photos, comin’ atcha.  This week we played with our aperture settings a little.  Aperture happens to be my favorite photography trick because I think it can take a blah portrait (especially a close up) and turn it into something much more dramatic. Of course, as I learned […]

Simplify: Theme Thursday

Welcome to Theme Thursday, friends! In an effort to get out and exercise with the kids every day. we’ve started taking daily walks. Since they’re not always super motivated, I’ve resorted to bribery.  If they’re fed, dressed, and ready for the day by 8:15 then we add a stop to the park on the way. […]