Church Windows, 3 Reasons, and Blogging Fun

Blargh.  I’m running late for everything this week.  Not really news for me, except this blogging thing is usually so much fun that I put it before other things like budgeting, lesson planning, and sleeping.  But this week has been epic.  EPIC. Otherwise known as, “Well hello there February!  I wondered when you were going to show up with all your dazzling burnout and fantabulous mood swings!  You’re not really welcome here, but seeing as you’re the shortest month of the year, I suppose I can stick it out for 21 more days.  But that’s all.”


Church Windows: Theme Thursday

Joining Cari and all the other prompt linkers for Theme Thursday: Church Windows.  Our church has lots of stained glass.  I wish I knew all the appropriate architectural terminology to explain it (feel free to help out in the comments boxes!) but you’ll have to suffer through my decidedly unintelligent terms. Our church is shaped like “T”.  At the end of each line of the T is a stained glass image of Mary: the Annunciation, the Nativity, and Mary Queen of Heaven.  Along the top of the T are stained glass images of all the apostles, including St. Matthias, the guy who replaced Judas.  Along the “trunk” of the T are different saints.  The ones I can remember are St. Teresa, St. Philomena, St. Luke, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Augustine.    I like these the best because they are low enough to see and photograph closely.  Here is my official submission:


f/4.5, 1/5th, ISO 1600

And just so you can see the Marian images I mentioned:

Mary Collage 2Ignore the hideous picture on the right.  It was all the way up in the choir loft and there is some weird pipe in front of it. Plus, the lighting was awful today.


Will you forgive me for putting my 3 Reasons I Love Saints in the Middle of My Quick Takes?

Will you, huh?  Will you?  Will you?  I hope so.

February’s theme is Saints.  So I want to share with you a few of my (many, many) favorites.


St. Thomas Aquinas: Reason

Y’all, maybe you don’t know this, but some people think we religious nuts are, well, religious NUTS.  As in, we cling to magic and mystery and reject all attempts at reason and scientific understanding.  I KNOW, right?  St. Thomas Aquinas is not impressed.

“In short, Thomas Aquinas demonstrated that a natural harmony exists between Christian faith and reason. This was Thomas’ great achievement. In that moment of a clash between two cultures — a moment in which it seemed that faith would have to capitulate to reason — Thomas demonstrated that the two go together: what seemed to be reason incompatible with faith was not reason, and what seemed to be faith was not faith insofar as it was opposed to true rationality. Thus, he created a new synthesis, which shaped culture throughout the following centuries.”

Source: National Catholic Register


Blessed Mother Teresa: Charity

I’ve made no secret of how inspiring I find Mother Teresa.  If my life was different, I’d like to imagine I would have the gumption to pick up, move halfway across the world and serve the poor.  (Sometimes I dream about dragging my kids and husband with me and doing it anyway.)

But as this wise quote above says, we don’t have to be the most inspiring celebrities, the loudest advocate, or (ahem) the biggest bloggers.  We simply have to live out our vocations, every day, making a difference in the lives of those around us.


St. Therese of the Child Jesus: Distractions in Prayer

OMGoodness you guys.  If there is a ever a single. moment. of my prayer life when I don’t find my mind wandering, it would be a miracle.  Focused, I am not.  So it was with great happiness that I recently learned the St. Therese also had difficulty focusing during prayer!

I also found this helpful article about what to do with distractions during prayer.  After asking St. Therese for intercession, I think it will be the most helpful thing I can do.

There you have it!  My current top three saints, although Bl. Titus Brandsma (the guy over on the right hand sidebar) is a close fourth.

What about you?  What are your favorite saints?


The Soap Opera of Zeke’s Eye Problems

 We finally got in to see the pediatric ophthalmologist this week.  She adjusted Zeke’s prescription, and informed us that he also has amblyopia.  His left eye is so much worse than his right eye that he now uses his right almost exclusively, which makes the left even weaker.  So, joy of joys, he gets to wear an eye patch for 4 hours a day.  Color me enthused.  Or not.

We also had to send his glasses back for new lenses, which means a week or more without them.  I didn’t really notice how his behavior changed when he got his glasses, but the past 24 hours have been intense.  IN-tense.  He’s back to his honey badger ways, full time.  Ripping things to shreds, running pell mell at/to anything, and all up in everyone’s face all.the.time.  Basically, he’s just a wild man.


I love this kid to pieces, which is good.  Because, man.  Just… man.


Blogging about Blogging

Tips for bloggers: Both Cari and Bonnie wrote about blogging today, and I have to say, I love both of their posts.  If you’re a blogger, or thinking about blogging (ahem, Katie B.) you should check them out. Bonnie wrote tips for new bloggers and Cari has some musings about some of the stumbling blocks those of us already on the journey might face.

I took a pretty picture! And Kendra put it on her blog!  Kendra at Catholic All Year just got a bee-you-tee-ful blog makeover.  I took and edited the photo for her header, which I am ridiculously proud of.  You should go check it out.

And because I just couldn’t resist oooooooooone more meme:


Now go see Jen!  And other Quick Takers!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Here’s the schedule for the next few “3 Reasons” link-ups!  Next month is “Lent.”



  1. We have been there done that with the patching thing. My daughter (who is 3.5) also has exotropic amblyopia. We first had to start patching shortly after she turned two, and it was rough in the beginning because she just kept pulling the darn things off. (And after trying a patch for a day to see what it was like, I can sympathize). But the good news: she eventually got used to it and left it alone, and it helped somewhat. Right now she’s off patching. Best of luck with it all!
    Jenny recently posted…For Once, Portland Is Behind the TimesMy Profile

  2. Zeke is so cute in his glasses. And, I love Saints, so I’m definitely planning to do a February 3 Reasons.

  3. Wow, that sounds intense with Zeke and his glasses situation! I don’t envy you with the whole eye-patch thing… yikes! I hope it isn’t something he has to do for a long time. Your stain glass window pictures are beautiful! Oh, and thanks for the links about blogging. I always feel like I am admitting I have some sort of disease when I admit I have a blog. Talk about a conversation killer! But I love reading them and they’ve been so helpful and useful in my life, which makes me think about doing it more myself.

  4. I am so glad to find this link up! I will jump in once I can get a post together. Great idea!

  5. Thanks again Micaela, I love it!
    Kendra recently posted…In Which There are Things I LikeMy Profile

  6. Beautiful church windows. Can you give your little pirate a bandana to go with his eye patch and make it “talk like a pirate” week at your house?


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