3 Reasons, Vol. 10: Miscellany

Welcome to the late-January edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.  The Advent edition was so super-duper special.  I’m just in awe of all you linkers and commenters.  Your thoughts and ideas inspired me and made my Advent all that more special.  I’m going to hop right into my 3 Reasons, but be sure to read all the way to the end for some updates on the format, okay?


Consistency of Teaching on the Sanctity of Life

I saw a quote the other day: “Catholics don’t throw people away.” The Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, care for the poor and the sick, euthanasia, the death penalty, and war all align perfectly with the sanctity of human life.  From conception through natural death, all life has inherent dignity.

A quote from Matthew Kelly, who I had the distinct pleasure of hearing speak in person last week:

Every single day the Catholic Church serves Catholics and non-Catholics alike by: feeding more people, housing more people, clothing more people, caring for more sick people, visiting more prisoners, and educating more students than any other institution around the world.

I’m gonna put that in my incense burner and smoke it.  😉  This is a crazy-awesome Church, and one we should all be proud to proclaim as our own.


The Age of Reason

The age of reason is a term used to describe the age when a child can be held morally culpable for his or her sins.  Traditionally this begins at 7 years old, but that’s not a hard and fast age.  It can very greatly depending on the maturity of the child, developmental delays, etc.

In the Church’s great wisdom, it recognizes that when a 2 year old hits or bites, yes, it is wrong (and we are obliged to teach him or her a better way to handle his/her anger) but he or she is not sinning.  Maybe I’m the only person that appreciates this distinction, I don’t know. For me, one of  the most difficult tasks as a mother is disciplining my children.  There is so much emotion tied up into it!  I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I get angry with my toddlers or preschoolers because I get offended by their behavior.  I told them not to do something and they {GASP!} did it anyway!  What am I doing wrong?  Is my kid speeding down the highway to hell, via some brief stints in the clink?  Short answer: no.

Long answer: children are curious creatures, they test limits, they experience the world around them primarily through their experience with their parents.  God created children the way they are for a specific reason (even if some days that reason seems to be: Drive their mothers crazy).  I should not try to find sin where there is none.  The concept of the age of reason greatly tempers my reactions because it helps me remove myself emotionally from the situation.  It gives me an alternate, detached view of how my child was created and how morally culpable he or she is for misbehaving.  I expect a lot more of my soon-to-receive-first-confession 8 year old than I do of her 2 year old brother.   Her wrongs, because she is now morally culpable, are graver than his.  As does everything the Church teaches about life, this just makes sense.


Catechism of the Catholic Church

Have a question about what the Church teaches?  Boom. The Catechism has got you covered.  There is even a free online searchable Catechism by the US Council of Catholic Bishops.  Avail yourself of it, dear Catholic and non-Catholic friends.  It’s a gold-mine.

Be sure to visit all the linkers and comment on their posts.  (Scroll down past the Nuts and Bolts section.)  It’s what keeps us bloggers slogging away, long past midnight, those comments of yours.

Now for the nuts and bolts of this dear link-up:

Things that will stay the same:

-I will host the 3 Reasons link-up every month, usually beginning on the first Friday.  If I plan to change the date, I’ll try and let you know the month before.


The link-up will only remain open for 2 weeks.  If any of you are like me, you need a deadline.  It simply doesn’t work to have one month bleed into the next and then next thing you know you’ve missed 5 months due to your finely-honed skills of procrastination.  Oh, that’s just me?  Well, I still want to give it a try, okay?  If you hate it we can discuss going back to the original method. (P.S. This month’s will be slightly shorter and will end January 31 at midnight.)

-I liked the Advent theme so much that I’m going to try giving you a theme for every month.  I decided that (loosely) following the liturgical year would be appropriate, and I made a not-so-fancy schedule with my Phoster app.


-You are welcome to join the theme or go your own way.  I’m flexible like that.

Now for the good stuff:


  1. Great list, especially #2! I was able to seek Mary’s guidance and support with mothering so much more once I realized that she likely DID know what it was to deal with a grumpy toddler or a preschooler into EVERYTHING because those aren’t sins but littles being little.

    Thanks for hosting!
    Joy recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: HomecomingsMy Profile

  2. I love your thoughts on the age of reason (as you know, that’s how we look at things too). Actually, I love all your reasons,…but especially #1 and #2. Hey..if is cheating if I choose the same reasons?
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Mirrors and Glass: Weekends with Chesterton and WIWSMy Profile

  3. Oh good, this month is miscellany, because I still have that half-finished post floating around!

  4. I’m not sure my teenagers have reached the age of reason, maybe that’s their problem.

    I love having a structure for this, constraints are inspiring to me, helps channel my lazy way of thinking. So…good move!

  5. Thanks for providing structure and a deadline – hopefully that will keep me moving better each month! Thank you for hosting!
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