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Saturation: Theme Thursday with a new schedule!

Hi friends! How’s about we lighten things up with a new Theme Thursday schedule and a link up, to boot? This week’s theme is “Saturation,” the last of our editing themes.  Here’s a cute picture Aliya took of Gabe in the snow. I guess what I learned is that I thought I was a high saturation […]

Pope Francis: 3 reasons to stop bashing him, and a list of things to do instead

The pope gave an interview on a plane yesterday.  I laughed as much as the next Catholic gal when this meme popped into my news feed: It’s funny because it’s true!  When Pope Francis speaks off-the-cuff with journalists, we get some interesting (okay, fine: confusing) headlines. Faithful Catholics everywhere scramble to figure out what exactly […]

Exposure (again) and Contrast: Theme Thursday

So I totally flaked on you last week.  I figured not that many people noticed since no one joined the link up I tossed up for posterity. But if you did, I’m sorry! Making up for it today by going over TWO themes! First, a little Instagram lesson/discussion.  Warning: I’m not an expert.  I’ve just […]

Valentine Round-up: Catholic printables for all your last-minute needs

I bet a bunch of your kids have Valentine parties at school tomorrow.  Or maybe you want them to make you a Valentine, which is totally within your rights as a parent.  But possibly you’re a Last-Minute Lucy (like me) and now you cannot remember for the life of you where you saved those links. I’m here to […]

Exposure: Theme Thursday

Sooooo, yesterday I kind of, sort of blew up my tiny corner of the internet.  Nothing like the big blogs, but I had more hits (and comments!) on my post yesterday than I’ve had on all my other posts  from recent months combined. Which is great! And flattering! But it was also Ash Wednesday and […]

“You poor thing!” 25 Reasons not to pity me and “all those kids”

Lately I’ve been going on morning walks with the kids.  The “carrot” that gets them out the door quickly is a stop at the park if they’re ready to go by a certain time.  It gets me out of the house, gets the kids’ blood pumping (they usually ride bikes, scooter, or skate) and allows […]

Crop: Theme Thursday

Yeesh. Way to overload the blog this week, Micaela! 3 posts in 2 days! So, it’s February, Theme Thursday-ers.  I’m excited to switch things up this month and do some work in post-editing.  I’ll be honest and say that my procrastinating self is happy to not have a deadline of “sunset on Wednesday.” I do […]

Catholic Valentine Cards: Free Printables!

Sneaking in a very rare second post today because you might be needing these soon. Our homeschool group is having our Valentines exchange this Friday so that kids who give up candy for Lent can still enjoy all the goodies.  Plus, it’ll give you something to binge on finish up on Fat Tuesday. Last year […]

Zelie & Co Charity Auction!

I may have mentioned one time or a thousand that Instagram is my most favorite social media.  It’s just so… pretty.  I can scroll through my Insta feed and feel happily inspired and rarely does it give me any stress whatsoever. (Ahem. I’m looking at you, Facebook and Twitter during election years.) Guess what I […]