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Theme Thursday: December prompts (week 1)

Hi all you Theme Thursday-ers!  This month we’re switching up our TT prompts a little bit, just for Advent and Christmas. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we’ll be joining Abbey of Surviving Our Blessings for her #HolyLens project. Each week has 7 prompts, based on the daily readings.  I’ll still be hosting the link-up here […]

Group photos: Theme Thursday (plus news about the December schedule)

Yay!  Who’s having fun with these portrait themes?  I really love looking at all of yours, so thanks for linking up! Before we get to the real group photo for this week, Here’s the “group” I’ve been hanging out with in the evenings.   Why, yes, I have joined the Peg Doll Craze of 2015, […]

Close-up portraits: Theme Thursday

I’m enjoying these Theme Thursday, friends.  It is, apparently, the only weekly post I’m getting up right now, but you forgive me right?  I mean, after all… wait.  I just realized I haven’t made the announcement on the blog. I’m pregnant!  Yay! Whew.  So even though I have totally sucked at blogging since Rosalie was […]

Catchlights: Theme Thursday

Yay! It’s THURSDAY! And you know what that means… dunh dunh duuuuunnnnnh November brings a whole new set of challenges for us: PORTRAITS.  How many of you are hoping to take Christmas pictures of your family? I am, and for a friend’s family as well. I’m pretty sure portraits are my favorite type of photography, maybe […]