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7 Housekeeping Tips for Distracted Moms

If you came looking for a housekeeping guru, you’re in the wrong place.  I am not even close to being naturally inclined in that particular domestic art.  But I’ve been a mom for 10 years (whut?) and a stay-at-home-mom for the last 6, so I do have a wee bit of experience under my belt. […]

If I could tell you one thing about my faith…

My faith is pretty obvious here on the blog.  When I started writing over 4 years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would be as Catholic as I wanted to be here, unapologetically. The reason being, I suppose, that I was always a little shy to share about my faith in other areas.  On social media, […]

Just a regular Sunday…

Just a regular Sunday, you know. No big deal.   Just hanging with our new shepherd, Auxiliary Bishop-Elect Barron. Yes, I’m popping in to brag (hey, I live in Los Angeles, I have to take a brag where I can get it, right?) but also because I CAN’T BELIEVE I forgot to mention the Word on […]

Five Favorites, the podcasts and history books edition

Well how about that?  I wrote a post about going to bed earlier and promptly dropped off the face of the blogging world.  Surprise, surprise. Actually, I’ve quite enjoyed my early bedtime.  I’ve been nicer to the kids and everything!  I’ll let you know if I can keep it up, though.  I sure do miss hanging […]