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Nourished, vol. 1

I’m always a little turned off by the put-your-own-oxygen-mask-on-first type theories. Apologies if you’re a proponent, honestly, it’s nothing personal.  I just don’t know how to “do” oxygen mask without becoming a lazy slob. Moderation, you are my enemy. Last week I  broke down a little. My body isn’t working the way it should. I […]

The silence is deafening

I was a newly minted teacher (working in a Catholic school) when news broke of the sexual abuse scandal within the Church. I remember well the feeling of revulsion, of shock, and of betrayal.  How could these men, so similar to the men I had been blessed by my entire life, perform such horrible acts on […]

Homeschooling: Core Curriculum

Yesterday I began my little back-to-school series with our Mission and Purpose, Dos and Don’ts. In case you missed it, I’m hosting a little link up, so feel free to click over there and see what lots of folks are doing, and/or link up your own homeschooling post. Today we’re talking nuts and bolts. Yeehaw! Curriculum Choices 2015-2016 […]

Homeschooling Mission & Purpose: {link up alert!}

It’s the thick of summer as far as weather goes, but Kevin went back to work today (waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!) which means our school year is creeping up on us.  How about we chat this week about what we’re doing this year? And hey, how about a link-up party too? [scroll down] I have at least 2 more posts […]