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First Communion: preparing your child at home

A few weeks ago, a good friend asked me what I did to prepare my girls for First Holy Communion.  I started writing out an email to her and thought it might help others too.  So if one of your children will be receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time, I hope these […]

11 reasons I remain a Catholic

For a year or so I hosted a link-up series called 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.  I let it go last year because, well, life.  But the other day I came across this post and it felt like time to do a reprise. Without further ado, my reasons for sticking with the Church through thick […]

Laundry lessons

Because I have an incredible husband. I’ve hardly folded any laundry in the past year.  Each night after the kids are in bed, he grabs the basket of clean laundry and folds while I melt into the couch and scroll Facebook, or read a book, or write a blog post.  We chat about our days […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday: Read Alouds

I’m baaaaack!  The term is relative because, here today, gone tomorrow and all.  As of today, though, I finished up a couple extra-blog-ular projects.  The hope is that I’ll have a little more free evening-time to write.  Cause you know what?  It makes me craaaaanky when I don’t have time to jot down a few […]