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Speaking of… 7 Quick Announcements

…and not a single positive pregnancy test among them. Hey.  I’m a Catholic mama.  Gotta get that out of the way nice and early. -1- Ruth Anne won the book giveaway last week!  Thanks to all who took the time to share about Connie’s new book, A Spiritual Plan for Your Choleric Child.  (Psst.  It’s inexpensive […]

Guitar lessons by Skype – say WHAT?

I hooked you with that title, didn’t I?  Oh, come on.  You know you’re wondering: “Why, and HOW would one take guitar lessons by Skype?” I suppose I’m the person to ask because we did, in fact, take guitar lessons this year.  And they were, in fact, over Skype.  Why? Because I’m a busy mom. […]

Aliya’s First Holy Communion

No, Micaela, you did not just begin and subsequently abandon 3 (three!) different blog posts. Whatever.  This is SO much more important because: JESUS! Aliya received her First Holy Communion on Mothers Day weekend.  (Along with Kevin and Zeke’s birthdays, plus a tea party.  Whew!)   The dress: has a story, of course.  It was […]

Author interview and giveaway: Spiritual Growth Plan for your Choleric Child

Oh, y’all.  This blog has been so quiet lately.  I’ve missed you but I’m also relatively at peace with this stage of my life and motherhood.  Not much time to blog, and that’s okay.  I’ll get back to regular posting at some point, but in the meantime, I do what I can.  You’re okay with […]

5 Reasons to read aloud to big kids (and 5 great read-aloud books)

A couple months back I had a mini-breakdown.  Life was too hectic, school was too overwhelming, blah blah blah.  I mean, I’m not one to make excuses, but I suppose it really was to be expected considering the season of life I’m in and everything I had taken on.  It took me a few weeks […]