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CWBN // CA: The redux plus all the feels

I wanted to post this on Saturday evening.  My arms ached from holding a fussy baby, my feet were on fire from standing all day, and I was about to pass out from exhaustion, but my heart was full to bursting with joy.  I was dying to type it out.  Alas, there were casseroles to […]

Thoughts and Photos

Maybe you thought I was joking when I said Kevin’s blog post was going to put me out of business?  I actually was, but it turns out I’ve also just been sitting with that blog post for all of the Easter season.  I know we’re out of the darkness of Lent and into the light […]

Pain as a gift: The Husband guest posts

You know my post from yesterday?  Which I mentioned that I had been praying and thinking about it for a week?  I’d also been talking to Kevin (my husband) about it as well.  After he read the post last night he reminded me of the many things we had discussed over the course of the […]

Weep Not For Me

The other day my friend mentioned that Lent has been especially difficult for her this year.  Feelings of sadness and unworthiness at the thought of our Lord’s Passion have been wreaking havoc on her spiritual life.  “I sometimes feel grateful that my two year old is a terror in Mass,” she confessed.  “Stepping outside with him […]