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Book club news, Conference news, and advice needed

I began writing this Friday.  It’s Monday.  Almost Tuesday, actually.  I had a birthday to celebrate over the weekend and boy was it awesome.  Will you forgive the haphazard nature of this post and just leave me a nice comment below? You’re the best. 1. Book club news! Remember the Stella Maris Book Club?  That […]

So, I’m just pretty face, eh? (Sheenazing Awards)

Welp, it’s that time of year again.  The Sheenazing Nominations are in and yours truly was nominated for (drum roll, please…)   I know, I know.  The recent blog overhaul did wonders for my old tired format. However, I can’t help feeling a little like the smart high school cheerleader.   I have more to […]

I’m pro-life because…

Ten and a half years ago, I perched precariously on fence.  Not literally, of course, it’s been awhile since I did that.  Figuratively, however, I was stuck teetering between what my Church taught about abortion and what the secular world had to say.  I’d vacillated for years between what I knew was right for me (I […]

6 Moving Pro-life Videos

-1- It’s one of my January traditions to write a little bit about pro-life issues.  Last year I wrote a piece for Catholic Exchange about how we’re not just pro-life for the babies, but for all the people who are damaged by abortion eternally.  Tonight I was working on another piece called I’m pro-life because… […]

She’s a gold star baby…

When Gianna was a baby, she needed to be worn or nursed, or both, at all times.  I kid you not: that girl would wake up within 15 minutes of me laying her down, every. single. time.  When I found out I was pregnant with Aliya, I cried.  Not because I wasn’t happy, but because […]

Calling all Catholic Women Bloggers!

Something astounding happened on Facebook the other day.  (Inconceivable!)  It began with a fellow blogger asking a group about which conferences, if any, we would be attending this year.  In the comment thread all sorts of women from all over the country began offering to host regional blogger conferences.  As the comment thread topped 90 (not a […]

A blog tour, plus tips and tricks for designing your own buttons and sidebars

–1– Fresh Face! Superstar! Hello friends!  Have you clicked over to the blog lately?  It has a fresh face (superstar!), thanks to my little sister Anne Marie. This is not Anne Marie.  Did I just date myself with this SNL reference?  Probably. Let’s take a tour, shall we? –2– Header The new header art was […]

The Accidental Resolution That Changed My Life

What if I told you that there’s a New Years resolution that would change your life?  A resolution that will change your habits, your relationships, possibly your whole entire life?  It costs absolutely no money and you could begin it tomorrow.  And on top of all that, what if I told you it only takes […]