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12ish in 2014: Photos of our year

  If you’re viewing this in your email or a feed reader, you might want to click on over to the blog.  I’ve done some redesigning and it looks purrrrty. I don’t quite have the energy for a re-cap of the year, but I can do photo re-caps.  Yes, that I can do.  Let’s get […]

Because of The Baby

A Messiah that came as a baby.  A tiny, dependent, powerless infant… sent to save the whole world.  In the past it’s struck me as the ultimate in irony, but not this year.  This year, as I ponder my own new baby, it is perfectly understandable that our Savior would choose to come as something […]

Five Postpartum Favorites

Expecting a baby? Know someone who is?  These have been my favorite things these last few weeks. 1. Meals If you want to help a new mom, or an experienced mom, or anyone in any state of transition, BRING THEM FOOD.  Seriously, friends.  It is such an amazing gift to not have to cook, and […]

Quick Takes about Netflix, my brother and the pope, and Christmas

1. Trying to beat the clock, yet again. Eek.  7 Quick Takes on a Sunday?  Will I make it in time?  Who knows?  (Oh, wait, I just checked.  Kelly is giving us 2 whole extra days to add links! Yay for Kelly as our new SQT hostess!) (Love you, Jen.) I haven’t blogged in over […]

Rosalie’s Birth Story

If you’re interested in my other birth stories, you can read them here: Gianna, Aliya, Gabriel, Ezekiel. This should be interesting to write out.  It’s the first of these birth story blog entries that I’m writing while it’s still fresh in my mind. Also, it was just a flat-out crazy story.  But we’ll get to that […]

Baby is here!

After moaning and complaining for weeks about how difficult it is to wait for our baby girl to arrive, she finally decided to get a move on. Rosalie Michele was born on Monday. She has quite a birth story, which you can preview by clicking here. I’ll have the full version for you ASAP. I’m […]