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Why I love conversion stories

The other night, in an effort to ward off the pre-dinner crazies, I turned on a show called The Journey Home.  I’d never watched it before, never knew what it was about, but I needed something to keep me from hollering at my poor kiddos for the 47th time in an hour.  So I banished […]

October book has been chosen!

It’s Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy by Rumer Godden!  (Check your library for availability.  Amazon has it too, and if you click that link up there ^, I get a couple pennies out of your purchase.) From the Amazon description: This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe, a prostitute and brothel […]

Over-scheduled, plus photos of our Revolutionary War field trip

1. Overscheduling This week I ridiculously overscheduled our family.  We hopped from one event to the next all week, leaving school time rushed and the house a disaster.  Many of our activities were enjoyable and fun and I thought I was going to make it through. Until  5:45 pm today when Kevin walked in and asked if […]

Stella Maris Book Club: Check-in and voting for our next book!

Hi friends! How are you doing on My Sisters the Saints?  I finished it last night.  After a bit of a slow start, I really enjoyed the ending.  I don’t want to give anything away before our official discussion, but I do hope you all get to finish it.  It’s worth pushing through. On to […]

Sts. Andrew Kim Tae Gon and Paul Chong Ha Song

Today is the feast of 103 Korean Martyrs.  Sts. Andrew Kim Tae Gon and Paul Chong Ha Song are the most famous among them.  Sending all my love back to the Land of the Morning Calm, and my people in South Korea. The arrival of Christianity to Korea came by a very unusual route. Christianity came to […]

Books, Bibs, Birth, Budgeting: Quick takes all o’er the place.

1. Books Last week, Jessica recommended A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story in her WWRW post.  Holy guacamole.  My library had it, I read it in a couple of hours.  It was in the “Middle School Fiction” section of the library, so not exactly the most challenging of books, but thoroughly enjoyable […]

Ennui, etc.

I sat down a few minutes ago and began a post about birth.  Not any one particular birth (because I’ve already written those out) but about how we treat birth here in the U.S. It’s something I feel very strongly about, but 4.2 minutes into writing it, I just sort of fizzled out.  I will […]

ABC books that don’t make you want to poke your eyes out: WWRW

Well, howdy!  What We’re Reading Wednesday, 2 weeks in a row?  What is this, some kind of joke?  No, no, I assure you, it’s just a challenge issued request by Jessica.  There will come a day when I can’t keep up with that request, there will come a day when the courage of bloggers will fail.  But […]

Something beautiful

It’s September, you guys.  It’s the beginning of fall (if you live anywhere in the northern hemisphere other than here), and of school days, of slightly cooling temperatures, and the onset of falling leaves. Unfortunately, it’s also the beginning of election campaigning.  I’ve seen a smattering of political posts in my Facebook feed, and I already […]

WWRW: Children’s Books and my Book Club

Well, howdy there!  The last time I posted was last Wednesday.  What the what?  No excuses, amigos, but here’s a brief listing of the haps ’round these parts. Friday we went north for a Mass and party celebrating my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, and upon return we had the pleasure of hosting Meg Hunter-Kilmer for 2 nights.  While I’m sure she […]