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How I Homeschool: Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda

Continuing with the theme of high-school-on-down homeschooling, I have here today Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda.  Charlotte is a mother of 5, a lifelong Texan, and according to her “About Me” page, she’s been blogging since “dinosaurs roamed the internet.”  She says, “I love to bake cakes, organize stuff, read books, celebrate feast days, create beautiful […]

I didn’t go to Edel. And I didn’t die.

Last weekend, through a ridiculous conflict of events, there existed a fancy hotel in Austin hosting many of my online friends and inspirational women of all sorts, while simultaneously in Roseville, CA, there  was a not-so-fancy-but-still-very-nice hotel in which a bunch of my family members converged and made a huge scene, as per our usual […]

Answer Me This, and a couple other random things

Last night I was so excited to get on and blog after the kids went to sleep (which is always when I blog).  But then, after I put them to sleep (in a tiny hotel room), I dozed off myself.  I woke up briefly and considered getting up, but then I decided 10 hours of […]