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How I Homeschool: Elizabeth @ Following the Trails to Heaven

A few weeks ago, I asked for suggestions on homeschoolers who have high school students, and you all replied in spades.  I’ve lined up three final interviews, all with homeschoolers whose children span the ages.  I can’t wait to read these, even if I have a long way to go before I my children are […]

Summer Desserts for Grown-Ups

Warning: I am neither a food blogger, a chef, nor a food photographer.  But I do really really like food, and I’ve stumbled upon some really delicious desserts in the past couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  The first, Espresso Floats, can be ready in just a few […]

Trails: Theme Thursday, and other Quick Takes

~1~ We’re on a trip right now (which I know we’re totally not supposed to admit online because: robbers and vagrants and riffraff. But I hardly think there are any of the above who read my little old blog/knows where I live, so I’m going to go with honesty) and CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE I […]

Homeschool Bundle Sale: In Which I Sell Out

I’ve never made any money off this blog.  Technically, there was that one time I got a tidy little Amazon Affiliate check and I was able to buy myself not one, but TWO used books.  So if that counts as earning money, then I guess I have.  But I mostly don’t.  Count that, that is. […]

Vacation: Theme Thursday

During a recent conversation, the discussion arose: Are you theme park vacationers, or mountain vacationers?  For us, the answer is both.  Or neither.  What we are, as a family, is “visiting vacationers.”  I’d venture to guess that 90% of our vacations revolve around visiting family or friends in various locations.  For the remaining 10%, we […]

How I Homeschool: Dwija of House Unseen

A couple years back, I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Dwija of House Unseen.  She was pregnant with her fifth child: interesting.  She had moved, sight unseen, 2/3 of the way across the country: intriguing.  She had converted from Hare Krishna to Catholicism at the “ripe old age” of 19: downright fascinating.  Since discovering her blog, […]

Bright: Theme Thursday

Hopping in lickety-split for some belated Theme Thursday action. We’ve been camping for the last 2 days, and now we’re at a friend’s cabin. Family is taking up all my precious time, so excuse the brevity. These photos were taken at my parents’ homestead over Easter weekend. I went for a walk with one of […]

Five Favorite Natural-ish Products

So, I’ve written before about how I was super-crunchy before I moved to South Korea, but was forced to mellow out due to not being able to get all my favorite natural stuff there.  I’m happier being a more mellow person in general, but I’ve added back in a few things because I really did […]

Exercise {or, Exactly What Does it Take to Get a Lazy Woman to the Gym?}

Disclaimer: As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch eating some leftover sugar cookies.  I am not “skinny” and I won’t be for at least the next 9-12 months (thanks to the cutie patootie growing inside mah belleh), or – let’s be honest – probably never.  Still, I feel like something has shifted for me, and I […]

Answer Me This

Just for fun!  Light-hearted!  No stress!  Can you tell I need a bit of a break tonight? 1. Have you ever walked out of a movie? No.  There was one time I was reeeeeeeeally tempted, and that’s when I went to see Blair Witch Project in college.  Here’s the thing: I like scary movies.  But […]