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Swim: a very belated Theme Thursday

Last week I said I would join in for Theme Thursday, and by golly, I meant it.  Even if it is 4 days late. In all our past summers as parents, we’ve spent several days each week in my in-laws’ pool.  Wrinkled fingers, brittle hair, and suits that wear out within a couple months are […]

How I Homeschool: Clan Donaldson

Cari of Clan Donaldson was my gateway blogger.  I didn’t even know there were other Catholic mom bloggers until Cari, then a stranger, began commenting on my infantile blog.  Once I discovered her, I discovered the wide world of blogging moms, and it’s a world I’m grateful for.  I even had the pleasure of meeting […]

Authors You Know, Books You May Not: What We’re Reading

It’s Wednesdaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! Allllllmost!  And yes, that is me siiiiiinging! And no, I have not had a single beer.  But I DID go out to dinner with my handsome husband and 4 children, all of whom received free dinners at Islands thanks to the (totally awesome yet completely unnecessary) Summer Reading Rewards program at our library. […]

tl;dr : Let’s chat over coffee, shall we?

I feel like my posts lately have been very… informative (?) and not as chatty as I like to be.  So let’s take a quick break from all that hullabaloo and catch up with each other, okay?  You, me, some coffee, and the hot topics in our lives. tl;dr Jenna @ Call Her Happy has […]

How I Homeschool: Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum

A couple years ago, I came across Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum fame via  Seven Quick Takes post.  I couldn’t tell you what that first post was about, just that it made me laugh from beginning to end.  Since that time, Kelly has been a regular on my blog roll, making me  alternately laugh and […]

Answer Me This and a Weekend Photo Re-Cap

1. What’s something you intended to do today, but didn’t? Um, everything? The only thing I really DID do was make a 7 hour road trip without killing anyone, or even yelling (very loudly). I didn’t even blog. Wait. What? No, actually, it’s 12:01 a.m. So when I wrote that first paragraph, technically I hadn’t […]

Old-fashioned: Theme Thursday

Did you hear?  Did you did you did you?  Did you hear about Madeline the Theme Thursday Superhero of all Superheros?  She resurrected Theme Thursday, and all it took was a little ol’ meme which looks a little something like this?   Which is, like, so super adorable even for people who detest cats (like […]

How I Homeschool: Annery at Home answers all my questions

Welcome back to the third interview in the series, “How I Homeschool.”  Today I’m sharing with you some insights from Anne @ Annery at Home.  Anne blogs about her life: homeschooling, working from home as an instructional designer, her experiences fostering a child, parenting her two littles, and her family’s journey with fertility.  She is […]

What I mean when I say I’m “blessed”…

A couple months ago, a friend of mine posted a link to (the first edition of) The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying.  Me, being an insufferable sucker for “The One Thing”-type marketing, simply had to click over.  In case you don’t have time to read that article yourself (and really, you should, lest I misrepresent […]

How I Homeschool: THE Housewifespice lays it down for us

Today I’ve got an interview from the illustrious Jessica of Housewifespice.  You may know her from her helpful link-ups, What We’re Reading Wednesday, or from her infamous daily consumption of bacon.  (I know!  It makes me jealous, too!)   I’ve known Jessica since waaaaaaaayyyyy back before her homeschooling days {coughcough} and I specifically thought of […]