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Financial Peace, FitBit, Grandma Betty, and Other Favorites

In no particular order, here are the things I’m loving these days. ~1~ Financial Peace University  Maybe this should be filed under “Favorite Things I Hate.”  My feelings about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University are complicated.  I certainly don’t enjoying budgeting or limiting random purchases.  What I do enjoy is not running out of money halfway […]

I Big-Puffy-Heart Them: Theme Thursday

This week is going to be rather obvious for me, I’m afraid.  I can’t even say the word “heart” without thinking of the 5 people who rule my world.  My babies.  Even when they’re driving me up the wall, I love them to pieces.  In fact, the other day I had a dream that one […]

What We’re Reading: Books for Girls, and Couple for Boys

Wednesday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You are not Monday, with its post-weekend fatigue, Nor Tuesday, with all its activities, clubs, and leagues, Nor Thursday, with its stressful Budget Meeting, Nor Friday, which seems ever too fleeting.   Surely, Wednesday,  the weekend days are better, But you are my favorite […]

Objective Truths in Parenting: Surprise! There aren’t that many!

Dear Me-Three-Years-Ago, Hi, you crazy woman, you.  Life is pretty crazy with 4 kids 5 and under, isn’t it?  You’re busy being a mom and contemplating an international move.  (Nuts, I know.  Oh boy, do I know.)  With all you’ve got going on, one might think that you’d let go of your steadfast opinions on […]

Church Windows, 3 Reasons, and Blogging Fun

Blargh.  I’m running late for everything this week.  Not really news for me, except this blogging thing is usually so much fun that I put it before other things like budgeting, lesson planning, and sleeping.  But this week has been epic.  EPIC. Otherwise known as, “Well hello there February!  I wondered when you were going […]

Heart Pockets, a Craft

I’m a failed blogger these days.  I have nothing new to say and oh-so-much to do in real life.  But I miss you all and I took some pretty pictures of a craft today, so I’m basically going to write the laziest post ever and hope that someone gets inspired to make something beautiful.  Then […]