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Why I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

I strongly dislike New Year’s Resolutions.  And cats.  I used to like both of them, especially cats.  Cats are cuddly and cute and fun to annoy.  But at age 21 I developed a fairly serious allergy to my adorable (and thoroughly insane) cat, Charlie Chaplin.   Whenever I’m around cats now, my eyes itch and […]

THE Book for Girls

I am dying to review this book for you: Dying, I tell you, but I still have about 20% left to read.  So it will have to wait one more week. Gah. In the meantime, let’s talk about this other book: I bought The Daring Book for Girls for my girls (as well as one of my goddaughters) […]

Put Love There: Politics and Friendships

Last year I wrote a series of three posts on the intersection of two very dear topics: politics and friendship.  I had pretty much all but forgotten about them until I wrote my Most Posts a few weeks ago.  I didn’t include them for some reason, but they’ve been wandering around my brain for weeks on […]

Starting the New Year off Right

1.  This happened today:  Ezekiel got his glasses!  He is just so adorable in them.  Of course it’s not easy, though.  I mean, he’s 2 and he’s wearing glasses, so there is bound to be a learning curve, right?  He loves them, but he also seems to love taking them off and setting them down […]

13 Photos from 2013

Joining Christie (one of my favorite photog bloggers) and Dwija (one of my favorite funny-lady-keepin’-it-real bloggers) for “13 in 2013 Photo Link Ups R’ Us.” And you know what?  I have to give my props to Cari of Clan Donaldson, too, because with only a couple of exceptions, each one of the shots above was taken for her Theme […]