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Hating on California, Sacraments, and Milestones

~1~ Like all polite Californians, I’ve pretty much kept my mouth shut about the weather since December 1st.  I’m no dummy.  I have friends from all over the world, and a bunch in the midwest/on the east coast.  I know that this winter has been no picnic.  Polar vortex?  Chiberia?  Hardly a word has passed […]

There are No Barns in L.A.: Theme Thursday

There are no barns in L.A. Fine.  There are some barns in L.A.  But there were no barns in L.A. that I could reasonably get to for a photo shoot today.  Because of course I shoot my Theme Thursday photos on Wednesday.  When else is there?  Prepare, you say?  Plan ahead, you suggest? Hi, I’m Micaela. […]

A Toddler’s Bedtime To-Do List

All 4 of our kids sleep in the same room.  We have a twin/full bunk bed and a twin mattress on the floor.  The boys share the full size bottom bunk, sleeping perpendicular to “normal.”  It worked for Gianna and Aliya for awhile and now it’s working well for the boys. Sort of. After we […]

Me, me, Gianna, and a Giveaway

(1) Biiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Last year I got all weepy and reflective on my birthday. It was a wonderful thing, that realization that I have been given such an immeasurable treasure in this life.  But I think I’ve been serious enough this week. Yes, I think that’s quite enough of that. Hey y’all! Tomorrow is my birthDAAAAAAAAAYYYY! […]

Pro-Life, With Love

Once upon a time, a close friend of mine had an abortion. I didn’t know it at the time, or even for years afterwards.  In fact, while it happened 17 years ago, I didn’t find out until last year around this time.  This friend (we’ll call her Sally since I don’t want to keep saying […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 10: Miscellany

Welcome to the late-January edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.  The Advent edition was so super-duper special.  I’m just in awe of all you linkers and commenters.  Your thoughts and ideas inspired me and made my Advent all that more special.  I’m going to hop right into my 3 Reasons, but be sure to […]

Fire Weather and Sherlock Delays

~1~ Yes, I Live in California and the Rest of the Country Hates Us. I haven’t been talking much about the weather here because, well, it seems a bit insensitive to my friends who’re freezing their buns off in Korea, or basically anywhere east of Arizona.  But people, this is getting ridikulus. ~2~ What’s next? […]

Crafty: Theme Thursday

Ah, Theme Thursday.  I’ve missed you so.  Last week I was feeling pretty low and particularly uninspired, so I missed “Bare/Bear.”  Not this week, though!  I’m back, if a bit tardy. As a homeschooling mom, crafts are my nemesis.  No, really.  I detest them.  They’re so much work, and the kids make such a mess, and whinewhinewhine-many-other-lame-excuses. […]

Urgent Prayer Request

A quick but urgent request. Can you all pease send up prayers for my friend Kelly? She is 31 weeks pregnant and the ICU with pneumonia and other related issues. Her pneumonia is getting worse and doctors aren’t able to give her the antibiotics she needs because they may harm the baby. Her oxygen levels […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday

Another edition of WWRW!  I love this link-up, hosted by Jessica.  It forces encourages me to read more and to share more about what I do find time to read. And it’s a great way to make it through Hump Day.   I don’t remember where I saw this book, and I really wish I […]