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Update on Ezekiel’s Eyes

You know what’s odd?  Being a parent.  You’re in charge of these little people, entirely responsible for their care.  So you feed them and care for them, clean up after them and enjoy them.  Teach them if you get a free moment.  You know. And then you get knocked sideways by a health issue, like […]

Feast of the Holy Family

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.  We have a particular devotion to Joseph, Mary and (of course!) Jesus in our home.  There is so much to learn from them, but today it seems very simple. The only parenting advice you’ll ever need: Obey God in everything. Love and protect your child with every […]

All About Seeing…

Well, hello there!  Pardon my early Quick Takes.  Mucho time with family, poco time to blog.  I’m going to wrap it all up in one big blog post gift and tie it up in a bow for you. ~1~ Merry Christmas!  I made the conscious decision to use my 50mm lens while the kids were […]

Dreaming: Theme Thursday

Since I’m all about lovin’ my baby boy today, I thought I’d swing in late with some Theme Thursday Dream Love for little Ezekiel.  Rather than my usual verbosity, I’m just going to throw some photos atcha and see what happens, mmm’kay? Those chubby hands?  You know I had to find a way to get […]

Ezekiel’s Birth Story

On the day Gabriel was born, I called one of my very best friends and regaled her with the news of Gabriel’s grand entrance into the world via our bathtub.  I will never forget her incredulous voice asking, “What are you going to do with your next baby?  You’re going to have to go have […]

Year in Review: Most Posts

Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things is hosting a link-up of our “Most” posts.  You would think this would be a slapdash, phone-it-in type of post, but in reality it’s taken me down the wormhole of my own blog.  I’ve spent all night looking through my old posts and coming up with the “Mosts.”  I’ve had to […]

Gifts Ideas: The Rebellious Version

I have a house full of toys.  Okay, not a house, a room.  A room plus 6 very large moving boxes in the garage.  I know I’m not alone in observing that while my kids play – all day long – they rarely play with toys.  They want my stuff, real stuff. So this year I’m rebelling. […]

Dozen: Theme Thursday

Tonight I’m doing what all procrastinating middle-class American parents are doing: online Christmas shopping and trying to work on our Christmas picture.  Sure, I glanced through the photos after Thanksgiving, and then again last week when we had our second photo shoot.  But since I didn’t see anything that popped out as immediately remarkable, I thought […]

Gabriel’s Birth Story

Prologue: My first birth experience was when I was 13 years old.  My mom gave birth to my brother Stephen at home, and I was able to attend.  My mom also had my sister (!!!FINALLY, a sister!!!) Katerina at home when I was 15.  Those births affected me very deeply.  Yes, I saw my mom […]

Lights: Theme Thursday (The Fail Edition)

Oh, the very specific ideas I had for this week’s theme.  Tonight was our town’s holiday parade, and with the girls marching with their American Heritage Girls troop, I figured it would be the perfect time to capture some gorgeous Christmas lights.  The problem with that is that I should have had oh, I don’t […]