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Thumbs Down: Theme Thursday in the Third Person

Joining Cari for another Theme Thursday and Kelly for Third Person Thursday. ********** Micaela awoke with a groan.  Her head was throbbing, her mouth cotton-dry.  “What the…?  I never get headaches.  Did I drink last night?  No.  So what could possibly be causing this?  It’s totally unfair to have a hangover without the fun part.” […]

Escape from Camp 14, WWRW

Hi friends!  Just popping in real quick for What We’re Reading Wednesday because: 1) I’m doing some batch cooking today!  Yes, I am totally nuts.  I have about 4 major meals I’m hoping to prepare today and freeze.  I’ve been wanting to do it for months, and I’m finally taking the plunge.  I’ll post results. […]

Help Around the House

Meals: My kids made dinner tonight. Without prompting, and with very little help from me, they made an actual dinner that we actually ate. You better believe we ate huge bowls full of it, even if it did have romaine lettuce as a main ingredient. Laundry: Today we took a field trip. I put on […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 8

Welcome to the 8th edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.  If you’d like to see the history behind this series, check out the original post, or the previous editions. To everything there is a season… ~1~ All Saints Day (TODAY!) I am terrible at celebrating saints feast days. Just awful. I never make the cool recipe, or […]