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3 Reasons I Love Advent

Each month I host a link-up entitled “3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.”  I love hosting this link-up so much, and reading everyone’s take on Catholicism.  We’re all different but there are some truly inspiring things about our faith.  It feels good to share those things with each other and the world. This month I decided […]

Gratitude: Theme Thursday

The priest at Mass this morning said that our souls are called to gratitude the way a sun coaxes a seed to burst forth from its shell.  Whatever my other failings (and there are many), my heart brims with gratitude. For God’s creation: For family:   For babies, children, elderly…  life at all its stages: For […]


Well, look at that.  It’s already Tuesday. (12 hours later…) Strike that.  Almost Wednesday.  Once again it’s been days since my last post.  Perhaps you’re glad I’m slowing down.  I’m certainly feeling less self-imposed pressure to post daily, so that’s been nice.  Unfortunately, I just don’t feel very smart lately.  Not much on the brain […]

No Shame: A Love Letter on Theme Thursday

Dear Zeke, Yesterday was your Big Boy Day.  In our family, that’s what we call the day our babies (or toddlers) stop nursing.  Maybe someday you will be embarrassed about this, about the documentation of this date just after you turned 2 and a half.  But at this moment you feel no shame.  Only pride […]

Five Favorites: Advent Edition

I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am, jumping the gun and talking about Advent.  But it’s so wonderful! And meaningful!  And sooooooooon!  And besides, it’s not like I’m celebrating Advent early.  Just getting excited about it. –1– Cradle to Cross Wreath I can’t remember if it was last year or the […]

An Early Advent

The Glory by Madeleine L’Engle Without any rhyme without any reason my heart lifts to light in this bleak season Believer and wanderer caught by salvation stumbler and blunderer into Creation In this cold blight where marrow is frozen it is God’s time my heart has chosen In paradox and story parable and laughter find […]

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

Cari is hosting a Thanksgiving Recipe link-up at her fancy-schmancy new blog and I just wouldn’t be Micaela if I didn’t join in.  I mean, I’m a food-lover, a Thanksgiving-enjoyer, and I blog.  Need I give any more reasons?  I didn’t think so. So there’s a little story behind this one.  (Of course there is. […]

7 Stages of Restricted Eating

You know what I like to write about?  My life and all the crazy that goes with it.  So it’s a bummer when I feel like I shouldn’t write about something because  it’s too boring for you to read.  Case in point: I’m on a restricted eating plan right now.  No sugar (NONE!  GAH!), no […]

Cold: Theme Thursday

Yesterday (Wednesday) was 93 degrees here in Southern California.  It’s been warm since… well, since summer.  And I’m so so tired of it.  I’m not asking for snow or anything. but is it too much to ask for twilight to roll in with a snap in the air?  A gust of foggy breath in the […]

Blog? What Blog?

Blog?  What blog?  Micaela?  Who’s that? This is the longest blog hiatus I’ve taken since our camping vacation this past summer.  So while I’m sure I have lots to say (when do I not have lots to say?) it’s all coming in fits and starts with no rhyme and very little reason.  Forgive me in advance. […]