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Scary: Theme Thursday

Scary things happen when we carve pumpkins around here. I mean, here are Aliya and Ezekiel, happily getting their hands slimy, unaware of anything frightening going on around them.   But… what’s that behind them? Yup.  Definitely scary business.  Head on over to Cari at Clan Donaldson for more fright.   Happy Halloween! …from our […]

WWRW – The FAIL Edition

It’s another What We’re Reading Wednesday! …in Which I Fail to Become a Jane Austen Fan I have a feeling I’m going to get skewered here, or otherwise lose all my credit as a reader.  There’s no getting around it, though.  I did not love Northanger Abbey.   I didn’t hate the book, per se. […]

Five Favorites on the Web This Week

My favorites from clicking around the interwebz this week! –1– It would be more modest, more becoming, more seemly if I waited until later to share this but, oh, I am just so excited I can’t wait.  My very first non-California to Korea post is up @ the Catholic Exchange!!!  If you read this blog […]

Long Time, No Takes!

It’s been so long since I’ve written any Quick Takes!  I’ve got a whole bunch of randomness for you today, though so hopefully that will make up for it. –1– Bedtime Blows You know you are doing bedtime wrong when your kids are less like a sleepy passel of itty bitty wion cubs weady to sweep, […]

The Letter W: Theme Thursday

It’s time I faced facts.  I cannot have more than one hobby at a time.  Or at least, not if I hope to do them well.  My goal of Reading More Books this month is being haphazardly achieved, but my only other personal (as in: not for the family or the kids, but just something […]

Disorganized Reading {WWRW}

I’m a very disorganized reader these days.  Are you even surprised?  No, I thought not.  Here’s what a typical reading day looked like for me over the past week:   Morning: Read The Word Among Us for daily scriptures and a reflection.  (10 minutes, if I’m lucky and I can keep the natives contented with […]

Zeke-isms and two Gabe-isms

My little honey badger toddler is pretty dang funny these days. He’s always cracking us up and I thought I’d better share some things here before I forget them. We were at a marriage retreat this weekend called Life Giving Love. All the kids (and there were many!) were watched in the gym next door […]

A Simple Thing

Imagine peering through a magnifying glass at a small object, say, a leaf or a flower.  The impulse of the human condition when given such a powerful tool is to look closely, ever more closely at this item of beauty.  What are its fragments?  How do its parts work?  It is a heady thing, to […]

Orange: Theme Thursday

I kind of blew today’s theme, “orange,” with my whole post on pumpkin patches the other day.  So all you get from me is rebellion. That’s right.  I took a picture of orange pumpkins and made it blue.  Blue: as in, orange’s complementary color on the color wheel. No?  It doesn’t strike you as ridiculously […]

C.S. Lewis, Housekeeping, and the Book NFP Couples are Missing

Have you heard? It’s Read More Books Month!   Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis I began talking about Till We Have Faces this last week, but I finally finished it over the weekend, so I wanted to give a complete review this week.  This  is a retelling (reinvention) of the myth of Psyche and Cupid.  (I chose […]